Friday, June 15, 2012

June 11, 2012

Finally got some photos over to you. Hope they sent. Now I dont have to much to
time to write haha. But Im glad to hear things are good at home! For the
weather, it was really nice the first couple weeks we were here, but this week
got really cold! haha. The members have been telling us it is suppose to warm
back up though to where it was, so that will be nice.
Its so hard for me to remember my week because we do so much! haha. But the
highlight was Ayulens baptism. A lot of members showed up and it just turned
out well. Hermana Gonzalez gave a talk on Baptism and Hermano Godoy spoke on
the Spirit. Some of the young girls in the ward sang a special musical hymn and
we had empanadas and cake afterwards. Ayulens parents came to the baptism and
really liked the service and church and were going to start teaching soon.
Hopefully that will go well.
Other then that the week was just a regular week. Elder McGarry and I played
basketball today, that was a good time! Even though Im horrible at it haha. Tonight
were making dinner for the Gauna family, kind of scared because were not the
best cooks! haha. But Im sure itll be alright. Hermano Gauna is a member but
his kids havent been baptised and confirmed yet so we hope to get to know them
a little bit more so we can begin teaching them. Hope it goes well!
Elder McGarry has some crazy bug living in his foot! I wont tell you how he has
to get ride of it because its pretty gross haha, but, just thought Id share.
Dad I forgot to answer your question last week! We definitely do not get to
take Ciesta haha. Its difficult to get work done then because literally
everyone in town goes inside for about 3 hours, all the stores close and nobody
is out, its pretty weird!
Things I miss: Dr. Pepper! none of it here. Chipotle. Craving it like crazy!
Hot Water. We have to boil water to bathe with because our water heater is
currently broken! Sucks.
Things are fine though! Just staying focused and worked hard. We have District
Meeting in Posades tomorrow, so another bus ride.
Alright, well I love you all! Hope everything is good. Talk to you next week.
Elder Deniston.

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