Monday, August 27, 2012

August 21, 2012


Sorry about not writing yesterday. It was a holiday so we had to work!

Glad to hear from you though! Try to write Sunday night if you can, because sometimes we stop by and print out our emails Monday to read before we write. So if you guys could do that it would be awesome!

Sounds pretty crazy about the kids at that baptism, pretty funny though ha-ha. That church was pretty cool looking. They have a lot of really interesting churches here in Argentina. Actually, one of the largest Catholic churches outside of Rome is only like 50 miles from here. I can not remember what city it is in but I have heard its a pretty cool looking church, but that also its a hard area to work in.

This last week did not go as planned, so we were kind of bummed! We have been working with an investigator named Martin and he has been progressing really well and he loves the church and has been coming to church for longer than a month now. The only problems is that he is younger than 18 and his mother won't give him permission to be baptized. She is extremely Catholic. We were teaching him at a members home and while we were teaching him he had informed us that he was good for baptism, so we went to his mothers to talk to her about it and she told us that he had not spoken with her about anything. She did not even know he was taking the lessons. We have been talking with her lately and she has listened to us more so we hope to have her permission soon. We were suppose to have his baptism last Saturday, but we had to postpone it. Pretty lame, but I will update you guys on that when we find out more.

This next week I am going to Posades for divisions again! So I will be three for a few days. I decided I am not a big fan of divisions. But, I have to go. So I will make the best of it. Next week we have Zone Conference! So that will be cool.

I heard from Elder Gallardo! He is in Corrientes Capital and is loving it. Good to hear from him. Also, Elder Peterson, one of the elders in my district, was transferred last transfer and his new comp is Elder Waldron, my comp from the MTC. I thought that was kind of cool.

Other than that not to much going on! We played baseball today for P-day ha-ha. It was a good time. We played with a broom stick and tennis ball haha. They don't have baseball stuff down here so we have to improvise. It was a good time.

We had some crazy rain and thunder and lightening storms last week. We worked in the rain for a good 3 days straight. Not to much fun ha-ha. The thunder here is crazy! It literally shakes the entire apartment. Feels like a small earthquake.

Anyways, things are good. Just hoping everything works out well with Martin. We have some other investigators progressing also that we hope will be baptized before the end of this transfer. So pray that goes well!

Spanish is still slowly improving ha-ha. One of these days I am going to end up with a Latino and I know my world is going to be turned upside down! ha-ha. I am sure it will help a ton so I am actually looking forward to it!

Alright, well I will wrap this one up. I love you all and I hope everything is good at home. Keeping everyone in my prayers. Have a great week and I will hear from you guys next Monday!

Chow Chow,Elder Deniston :)

August 13, 2012


No email this week! What's up with thatttttttt!?

Nothing to exciting happened this week. Just a lot more working and teaching. Elder McGarry and I didn't get transferred so we are still here in Ituzaingo! We have a few people that are progressing well and will hopefully be baptized soon. I decided I am going to tell you about the investigators that are for sure going to baptized! We talk to so many people and some people that we think are going to progress well, don't. So, I think it will be easier that way.

Random things about Argentina!

1. People paint the bottom half of their tree trunks here, usually white or blue, I don't know why, they just like to ha-ha.

2. Horses and cows roam the streets. They get out of the fields and just eat peoples grass from their lawns! Pretty funny actually.

3. They have a holiday about every two weeks! Pretty cool actually. People like to celebrate.

4. They have small markets called Kiosks everywhere! They are like little snack shops and have everything you need. Food, stuff to drink, cleaning supplies, fresh meat...everything. Its kind of cool because we don't have to go to the actual supermarket that much.

5. People just burn everything. Trash, old plants, anything that they don't want anymore they will burn, they throw it in a fire outside their house. Their is so much water in the soil and its so green that fires don't spread.

Just thought I would share some random things about this place! There is more interesting different things but that's all I could think of at the moment.

Things are good with me! My Spanish is slowly improving. Its usually around the 6-8 month mark when you become pretty good at speaking, so I am just keeping along and studying hard. I've been teaching better lately, which is good! I have to give another talk this next Sunday. I'm not freaking out about it since I have already given one. I am sure it will go well.

Have been studying a ton and learning a lot. The members here love us because we've had baptisms and have had a lot of people coming back to church, so that's good! Always good to have the support of the ward. I will have to tell you about some of the members sometime, some of them have some really cool conversion stories and really strong testimonies.

Sometimes while we are walking around I feel totally fine, like I have been here for years and that I'm use to it. Other times I get the thought, "It's pretty crazy that I am here!" and I realize I am completely submerged in a different culture ha-ha. But, I am loving it and we are having success! So all is well.

Anyways, I hope everything is great at home! Lt me know how life is! I hope good. Say hi to all the ward members and everyone else for me!

We have to split so I have to end this one! I will send more pictures to you guys soon. I love you and will hear from you next week;)

Chow Elder Deniston

Hey i just got your email as I sent mine out! I have time to read it and then I have to split. So I will respond next week!

Love you all!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 7, 2012

Hello Family,

Mom, sounds like Chelsea's new place is nice. It will be cool to go up there and visit when I am home! We are allowed to read Church magazines and actually have quite a bit in our apartment, although they are kind of old. We get the new ones in English but they are usually a month late haha. We still love them though just because they are something different from what we can read as missionaries. I will make sure to look for that article! It sounds cool.

So yesterday I had to go down to Resistencia to do something with my Visa so I can legally be here haha. Thats why I wasnt able to write. Luckily I got permission to this morning. we switched comps for the day, I was with Elder Solice who had to do some paper work too. We had to get up at 2 a.m. to catch the bus to Resistencia to be there in the morning. After a 5 hour bus ride, we sat in the building where we do our paper work for another 3 hours, then we took another 5 hour bus ride back. Definitely was not fun. I was with latino comps all day so I spoke so much Spanish. It was good though. Luckily I wont have to go do that anymore until next year. Other than this last week was pretty normal. We have another baptism lined up already which is good. Elder McGarry and I have been working a lot on reactiving inacitve members, and we have had a lot of success. About a month ago we had about 6 to 7 men in Priesthood. This last week we had 16. So thats good! Transfers are this week so there is a possibility I could get transfered, I will let you know what happens with that!

Other than that things are good! I love you all and I hope things are amazing at home! Ill hear from you guys next week!

Elder Deniston.

July 30, 2012

Man, I am pretty upset to hear about Pres. Dix. He was an awesome Stake President. Luckily we know the Plan of Salvation. I will keep the Dix family in my prayers.

Chelsea told me about you going to visit her. I'm sure that will be tons of fun! Chelsea sent me some pictures of Otto, that kid is a stud! Let me know how Wyoming goes!

This week we had a baptism! We started teaching a inactive member named Vilma Lopez. In a nut shell we reactivated her and she wanted her daughter Sabrina to be baptized. Sabrina was really excited to be baptized and she was confirmed yesterday! Pretty awesome stuff.

Hermano Ojeda, the man I told you about last week, he came to church again and brought his family! So, we are hoping for the best with them. He has told us he wants to get active in the church again and have his children baptized, so we are going to do everything we can to work with them and make that happen.

So Elder McGarry was laughing because so far there in Ituzaingo all of our baptisms have been children! Which is good, because they can grow and learn and strengthen their testimony, but we made a goal to start teaching more men who can hold the priesthood and also to start teaching complete families. So pray that that will go well.

Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday morning I was in Posades on divisions with Elder Peterson. That was pretty cool, although I do like Ituzaingo better than the area of Posades I was in. It was cool to see how Elder Peterson does things and he taught a couple study habits I am going to start using. Posades is red! ha-ha. The dirt and soil there is red, it reminded me of Saint George ha-ha. Good times.

Other than that stuff this week wasn't to exciting, just keeping up the hard work.

Elder McGarry has a cold. I am kind of scared I am going to get it since I am with him all the time, but hopefully i won't.

Elder McGarry only has two and half months here. I am scared he is going to start getting Trunky (missionary term for homesick) and slowly stop working, which sometimes happens to Elders. They just loose motivation and kind of die off and don't work. So far he has been good, but he has started to talk about home a lot! ha-ha. So we will see in the future.

Everyone here is talking about the Olympics! It was pretty funny, the other night Hermano Godoy in the ward was telling us something about them and he sarcastically says, "Yeah people here in Argentina love the Olympics because we usually always win all the gold medals!" and he just looked over at us and smiled ha-ha.

Well other than that things are good! Keeping up the hard work.

I love you all and hope all is well! Keep the blog looking good!

Hear from you guys next week! ;)

July 23, 2012

Hope you guys got the photos!

We had a very good week! We worked a ton and have had the best week since we have been here!

Most exciting news. We have a baptism on Friday! We had to change it to Friday because there is some meeting in Posades on Saturday and we want as many members to come out for the baptism. We are baptizing Sabrina Lopez. her mother is a member but has been inactive for the past couple years. We started teaching them about a month ago and she and her daughters have loved the lessons and have started coming back to church. Her mother told us she wanted to have Sabrina baptized. Sabrina is very excited and loves coming to church and primary. She is 10 years old I believe. It will be a great experience and I'll make sure to send pictures.

Another awesome thing that happened this week. We were on our way to a lesson and we passed by a house we tracked a couple weeks ago that we were not able to get into. I remembered the house so I stopped to track it one more time. This lady came out and told us she did not really have an interest but that we should go talk to her brother who lives across the street from her house, so we did. Turns out this guy was one of the first members here in ituzaingo! He had been inactive for almost a decade. He started talking to us and told us the story about his conversion and how he was so happy when he joined the church. For some reason or another had gone inactive. He also told us about his love for motorcycles, he had like 5 of them haha. He told us about an accident he had gotten into. He said he was driving on the freeway going well over a 100 MPH and fell and crashed. He explained that as he was falling it was as if he was hovering over the ground for enough time that when he fell no serious damage happened. He said he wasn't wearing a helmet and went home with some bruises. He said that the doctors were amazed because he should of died. He explained to us that he looked on it as a miracle. He explained that he felt he lived because the Lord still had work for him to do here on Earth. He expressed his desire to return to church, so of course as missionaries, we invited him and sure enough he came! At church he saw old friends he hadn't seen in years and he said he felt the spirit that he had been missing so very much. He started crying he was so happy. He said he plans to re-activate himself and also have his family be baptized. We have a family home evening with his family tonight, so hopefully that will go well! Pretty cool to see though, and all because we felt like tracking some house.

We had a service project this last week which was really good. We went to a members house who lives in a small wooden shack home miles away from the main part of Ituzaingo. It was pretty cool. We went with some members from the ward and just helped clean up his yard and home. He was very grateful for our service and it was a good time.

Other than these things the week was normal! Just a lot of teaching and looking for new investigators.

Elder McGarry was mistaken about divisions and we actually have them this week, so I will be in Posades Tuesday and Wednesday working with Elder Peterson - I will let you know how that goes. Glad to hear things are good at home. Hope everything is good with the rest of the family! Eat lots of Carne Asada and Chipotle for me!

Anyways, I hope you received the pictures I sent. I will try to send more next week. Throw them up on the blog along with the updates. I love you all and will talk to you next week!


Elder Deniston

July Pictures

Lopez Family and friends!

Sabrina Lopez and her family. We took all of these photos so we arent in them!

This was an activity at the church for the primary. That is President Guerrero in the middle. The members here are really cool and do a lot of stuff for the primary and youth.

Snapped this while Elder McGarry was talking on the phone. We dont usually take much photos so I took this oppurtunity to snap one real quick haha. Just a random photo

Haha I had to take a picture of my ice cream. It is so good! I actually like it better than the ice cream in the states. We usually stop by Gridos and get some Ice Cream on P-days
This is for dad! They have Oroweat here! Had to snap a photo and show you. Its pretty dang expensive here haha.

This one is just a random one I took while we were out clapping houses haha.

Just a another. I liked this one, wanted to send it.
This Ismael and Noel Vazquez with there family. There a nice family and Ismael is a pretty cool young kid, hes pretty smart and knows a good deal about the gospel for being so

July 16, 2012

Hi family,
So I just wasted a bunch of time trying to upload some photos to send and I am really made because this computer isn't letting me send them!

So sadly, I do not have photos to send this week.

But, this week was good. we have a baptism scheduled for the 28th. That is the most exciting news.

We had some pretty crazy stuff happen this week. Some man took out his machete while we were in his house and started sharpening it while he was talking to us, I could not really understand what he was saying but Elder McGarry said he was crazy so we booked it out of there!! haha. Good times.

Keeping up the hard work. Spanish is improving. Have a baptism scheduled. All is well. Sorry that this letter is brief but I don't have much time because I was trying to figure out this photo deal. I will have more to tell next week.

We have to run! I love you all talk to you next week.

Elder Deniston

July 10, 2012


Hope you guys are not freaking out to much about me not writing yesterday. Yesterday was a holiday here in Argentina and we work on holidays because more people are home, so we had our P day today. If I don't write on Mondays its usually because of something like this.

Glad to hear about all the fun things that have been happening at home! Sounds like a good time. I am still surprised Chelse and Ricky are moving though! I am sure it will be a fun adventure for them though! The pictures of Otto were awesome, that kid is a stud!

To answer your questions, there is a lot of guitar driven music here. The mexican style mariachi music you hear when you are flipping through the radio stations in moms car, it is extremely popular here. haha. You know, with the fast drum beats and the accordion. I personally think its really annoying. Other than that they listen to a lot of the pop songs that are popular in the states, although they are about 6 months behind with the music culture haha. Elder McGarry and I ear really well actually. He told me that I am the comp that he cooks the most with, which I guess is good. We make a lot of tacos and american style food on are own and when we are with the members they feed us the legit Argentine food. Some of it is really good, some of it not so much. Its hard to find some quick food here, so when we don't have a lot of time to eat Elder McGarry likes to make hotdogs, which i am not to big of a fan of. haha. Every other day we get some good Argentine food though. Empanadas, Millenasa, Asado. All Delicious!

Anyways, some interesting things this week. for the 4th Elder McGarry and I sung the National Anthem as our celebration haha. It didn't sound to great, but we wanted to make sure we did something in hone or the fourth. The Asado didn't end up going through with Famalia Mohor.

We are still working with a couple investigators who are progressing well. Its looking like we will have some baptisms in the next couple weeks or so. I will give you more info on that as things progress.

I spoke in Sacrament meeting for 10 minutes! Insane. I will be honest and say I was extremely nervous but the members said I did a good job and that they enjoyed my talk, so I guess it wasn't to bad. Tomorrow we have district meetings in Posades and I have to give another presentation to our district about Faith in Christ and Repentance. I am feeling pretty good about it, so it should go well.

Things are going well though. Ive been studying verbs pretty much all week. They are probably the most important things to learn in spanish because you drop the ending of each verb to change the meaning, "hablo is I speak, "hablamos" is we speak, "Hablan" is they speak. So I've just been studying verbs like crazy. Kind of frustrating, but it is slowly coming along.

Things are going good!! Glad to hear things are well, I love you all and will talk to you guys next week!


July 2, 2012

Chelsea and Ricky are moving? That is crazy. I hope everything works out well with them though, sounds like a good time. Elder McGarry has told me has has cousins up in Montana and that he loves going there to visit, so I hope they love it.

Sammys! I miss that place. Some pretty good bands would make there way to Idaho to play there, I would always go listen. good times. I miss music! We aren't allowed to play guitar without Pres. Haymens permission. so I am going to wait a little more until I ask him. We can only play on p days too, but I am fine with that. We sing a lot though. The hymns in spanish sounds better then they do in English, in my opinion.

Things are the same here ha-ha. I try to find different things throughout the week that I can write home about, because for the most part its the same thing again and again again, walking and teaching. We have a few people who are progressing and its looking like they will be ready for baptism soon, so I hope all works out with them.

We had to go to Posades today for interviews with President Haymen. It was a good time. We had our Temple recommends renewed because we get to watch the video of the re dedication of the Buenos Aires temple. They added on to it and rededicating it in August or September i believe, not sure which month. But we get to watch the video of it. The missionaries down in Buenos Aires might get to go, as well as Johnny and my friend Tyler from Murrieta will get to go, as well as some missionaries I know from the MTC. Pretty jealous. It will be cool to see though.

Elder McGarry and I did not get transferred or assigned new companions. Which is good, I wanted to be here in Ituzaingo for at least another transfer.

I have to give a talk next Sunday on the Priesthood in Spanish!. Kind of freaking out but I am sure I will be fine, Ive already started preparing it.

Anyways, nothing new this week. Teaching and studying like crazy. The Mohor Family is feeding us on the 4th and is BBQ for us since its independence day in the states!

We are pretty excited ha-ha. There you go!

All is well here. Elder Deniston

June 25, 2012

Alright, So I reminded myself probably a thousand times this week and today to get the paper with the mission address on it and of course I still forgot it.

Elder McGarry said it would be alright if I stopped by the Cyber and paid a few pesos tomorrow and send you guys it, so Ill make sure to do that. I feel pretty dumb forgetting it!

This week was a pretty good week. Just a lot of teaching, which is good. We have a couple investigators who are showing some good progression, so were hoping and praying everything works out.

My first transfer is finished as of tomorrow! Which is pretty cool. We have a district meeting in Posades and we will find out if anything is getting changed with us at all. Elder McGarry and I expect to be here in Ituzaingo for one more transfer at least, but anything can happen, so I will make sure to let you know if I get a new companion or assigned to a new area, we don't expect it though. our district crushed our baptism and confirmation goal this transfer, President Haymen gave our district a goal of 12 people baptized and confirmed this month and as a district we had 17! So we were pretty excited about that.

My spanish is improving. I taught more in spanish this week then I have in the weeks passed and people are understanding me, so that is a good thing. I am pretty good at teaching our lessons and the doctrine because our MTC and mission language books have a lot of that stuff in them. I am still struggling with just being able to talk normally with someone, but i am sure that will improve with time. I've only been here for a little longer than a month, so I can't be to hard on myself yet. Improvement is being made though. Elder McGarry said my accent is really good, so that's good ha-ha.

Anyways the other night( Saturday) was pretty cool. I guess there was some Catholic saint from Ituzaingo along time ago, or someone from here that the Catholic people here celebrate. But what they do is they decorate the outside of their houses with a bunch of candles. Its also a cultural thing, not just a religious things. So it was kind of cool experience to be out teaching Saturday night and see all the houses lit up. Just something interesting I thought I would share.

Tonight we have a family home evening lessons with an inactive member and her daughters. Were also having another family from the ward join us. Were cooking for them again! Elder McGarry and I decided that a good tool to use because it worked so well last time. We hope to get her comfortable and excited about coming back to church and also talking to her daughter about baptism. Should go well!

I decided I love study time. We study for 4 hours a day! I definitely learn a lot and should know a ton about the scriptures by the end of the mission.

Tell everyone I love them and I am praying for them. I miss hanging out at the house with the family cooking Cane Asada for dinner! But, I am doing good here and loving it. Hope all is well with everyone! Love you and talk to you next week!

Elder Deniston

June 18, 2012

Dad! Happy belated Fathers day! I hope it was a great day!

Glad to hear these weeks were good. Sad I don't get to hangout with the family all together! But I hope you guys are having fun!

Alright, let me tell you about my week. Monday - we cooked fajitas for Familia Gauna. Hermano Gauno is a member and his son was baptized a while back but for some reason was never confirmed, so we went over and cooked them dinner and just got to know them a little more so they were comfortable with us and we taught Edwardo, Hermano Gaunos son the important of baptism by fire and the Holy Ghost. Long story short, we confirmed him this Sunday. Which was awesome! I cooked the food and it actually turned out really well! We were pretty surprised ha-ha.

Tuesday - Rain. Didn't get to teach as much as we would of liked because of the rain but we met this family Famialia Ladezma. We first talked with Hermnao Ladezma and his son, Ismael. They had a lot of questions and Elder McGarry did his best to answer all of them and I did my Best to contribute to the lesson. We went back on Thursday to follow up them and they weren't home but Hermana Ladezma was, so we talked to her. This lady is ready to join the church! She attended church when she was young has a testimony of Christ, the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, word of wisdom, everything! For some reason she had been inactive for years. Her sister was just baptized and join the church in Greece and that kind of sparked her interest in returning to church, and then we show up at her door a month later. She committed to a baptism date and were going to teach her and her family tomorrow and later this week. She said the night we left Hermano Ladezma read the Book of Mormon for two hours and that Ismael liked the lessons. So we hope everything goes well! Pray for them!

Friday - we had lunch with the Mohor Family. It was Hermano Mohors birthday so we had a BBQ! Best. Meat, Ive. Ever. Had. So GOOD! The beef here is amazing ha-ha. After lunch it started raining though and did not stop all day. We were headed to a lesson and got caught in the rain and just got drenched! Literally head to toe completely soaked. It sucked, but we just laughed it off and went back to the apartment and changed and went back out that afternoon. That night there was another huge storm, bigger than the one I mentions last week! I filmed some of it and I will try to send some videos next week so you guys can see. Saturday was a good day. We had a lesson with a lady who is like 81. We started teaching her the message of the restoration but as the lesson went on we found out more about her and she has had a lot of people pass away in her life, including some children if I remember correctly. So we felt prompted to switch the lesson and each her about the plan of salvation. The spirit was there and she started bawling during the lesson. Were going back this week so I will let you know how it goes.

Elder McGarry and I have just been working hard to find some new investigators that will progress and we hope everything works out with the people I just told you about! The Spanish is slowly but surely coming. I can feel my tongue start to loosen up a little bit. We have become pretty close with the members here and I feel comfortable trying to talk as much as I can with them, and they help me out. Anyways, we had a pretty good week. Despite the rain ha-ha.

Tell everyone at church I say hi and that I love them! Glad things as well at home. Oh started reading Jesus The Christ, interesting stuff, really cool though! Random but I thought I would mention that ha-ha.

Alright, got to run! Love you all!

Elder Deniston