Monday, August 27, 2012

August 13, 2012


No email this week! What's up with thatttttttt!?

Nothing to exciting happened this week. Just a lot more working and teaching. Elder McGarry and I didn't get transferred so we are still here in Ituzaingo! We have a few people that are progressing well and will hopefully be baptized soon. I decided I am going to tell you about the investigators that are for sure going to baptized! We talk to so many people and some people that we think are going to progress well, don't. So, I think it will be easier that way.

Random things about Argentina!

1. People paint the bottom half of their tree trunks here, usually white or blue, I don't know why, they just like to ha-ha.

2. Horses and cows roam the streets. They get out of the fields and just eat peoples grass from their lawns! Pretty funny actually.

3. They have a holiday about every two weeks! Pretty cool actually. People like to celebrate.

4. They have small markets called Kiosks everywhere! They are like little snack shops and have everything you need. Food, stuff to drink, cleaning supplies, fresh meat...everything. Its kind of cool because we don't have to go to the actual supermarket that much.

5. People just burn everything. Trash, old plants, anything that they don't want anymore they will burn, they throw it in a fire outside their house. Their is so much water in the soil and its so green that fires don't spread.

Just thought I would share some random things about this place! There is more interesting different things but that's all I could think of at the moment.

Things are good with me! My Spanish is slowly improving. Its usually around the 6-8 month mark when you become pretty good at speaking, so I am just keeping along and studying hard. I've been teaching better lately, which is good! I have to give another talk this next Sunday. I'm not freaking out about it since I have already given one. I am sure it will go well.

Have been studying a ton and learning a lot. The members here love us because we've had baptisms and have had a lot of people coming back to church, so that's good! Always good to have the support of the ward. I will have to tell you about some of the members sometime, some of them have some really cool conversion stories and really strong testimonies.

Sometimes while we are walking around I feel totally fine, like I have been here for years and that I'm use to it. Other times I get the thought, "It's pretty crazy that I am here!" and I realize I am completely submerged in a different culture ha-ha. But, I am loving it and we are having success! So all is well.

Anyways, I hope everything is great at home! Lt me know how life is! I hope good. Say hi to all the ward members and everyone else for me!

We have to split so I have to end this one! I will send more pictures to you guys soon. I love you and will hear from you next week;)

Chow Elder Deniston

Hey i just got your email as I sent mine out! I have time to read it and then I have to split. So I will respond next week!

Love you all!

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