Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 7, 2012

Hello Family,

Mom, sounds like Chelsea's new place is nice. It will be cool to go up there and visit when I am home! We are allowed to read Church magazines and actually have quite a bit in our apartment, although they are kind of old. We get the new ones in English but they are usually a month late haha. We still love them though just because they are something different from what we can read as missionaries. I will make sure to look for that article! It sounds cool.

So yesterday I had to go down to Resistencia to do something with my Visa so I can legally be here haha. Thats why I wasnt able to write. Luckily I got permission to this morning. we switched comps for the day, I was with Elder Solice who had to do some paper work too. We had to get up at 2 a.m. to catch the bus to Resistencia to be there in the morning. After a 5 hour bus ride, we sat in the building where we do our paper work for another 3 hours, then we took another 5 hour bus ride back. Definitely was not fun. I was with latino comps all day so I spoke so much Spanish. It was good though. Luckily I wont have to go do that anymore until next year. Other than this last week was pretty normal. We have another baptism lined up already which is good. Elder McGarry and I have been working a lot on reactiving inacitve members, and we have had a lot of success. About a month ago we had about 6 to 7 men in Priesthood. This last week we had 16. So thats good! Transfers are this week so there is a possibility I could get transfered, I will let you know what happens with that!

Other than that things are good! I love you all and I hope things are amazing at home! Ill hear from you guys next week!

Elder Deniston.

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