Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July 10, 2012


Hope you guys are not freaking out to much about me not writing yesterday. Yesterday was a holiday here in Argentina and we work on holidays because more people are home, so we had our P day today. If I don't write on Mondays its usually because of something like this.

Glad to hear about all the fun things that have been happening at home! Sounds like a good time. I am still surprised Chelse and Ricky are moving though! I am sure it will be a fun adventure for them though! The pictures of Otto were awesome, that kid is a stud!

To answer your questions, there is a lot of guitar driven music here. The mexican style mariachi music you hear when you are flipping through the radio stations in moms car, it is extremely popular here. haha. You know, with the fast drum beats and the accordion. I personally think its really annoying. Other than that they listen to a lot of the pop songs that are popular in the states, although they are about 6 months behind with the music culture haha. Elder McGarry and I ear really well actually. He told me that I am the comp that he cooks the most with, which I guess is good. We make a lot of tacos and american style food on are own and when we are with the members they feed us the legit Argentine food. Some of it is really good, some of it not so much. Its hard to find some quick food here, so when we don't have a lot of time to eat Elder McGarry likes to make hotdogs, which i am not to big of a fan of. haha. Every other day we get some good Argentine food though. Empanadas, Millenasa, Asado. All Delicious!

Anyways, some interesting things this week. for the 4th Elder McGarry and I sung the National Anthem as our celebration haha. It didn't sound to great, but we wanted to make sure we did something in hone or the fourth. The Asado didn't end up going through with Famalia Mohor.

We are still working with a couple investigators who are progressing well. Its looking like we will have some baptisms in the next couple weeks or so. I will give you more info on that as things progress.

I spoke in Sacrament meeting for 10 minutes! Insane. I will be honest and say I was extremely nervous but the members said I did a good job and that they enjoyed my talk, so I guess it wasn't to bad. Tomorrow we have district meetings in Posades and I have to give another presentation to our district about Faith in Christ and Repentance. I am feeling pretty good about it, so it should go well.

Things are going well though. Ive been studying verbs pretty much all week. They are probably the most important things to learn in spanish because you drop the ending of each verb to change the meaning, "hablo is I speak, "hablamos" is we speak, "Hablan" is they speak. So I've just been studying verbs like crazy. Kind of frustrating, but it is slowly coming along.

Things are going good!! Glad to hear things are well, I love you all and will talk to you guys next week!


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