Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July 2, 2012

Chelsea and Ricky are moving? That is crazy. I hope everything works out well with them though, sounds like a good time. Elder McGarry has told me has has cousins up in Montana and that he loves going there to visit, so I hope they love it.

Sammys! I miss that place. Some pretty good bands would make there way to Idaho to play there, I would always go listen. good times. I miss music! We aren't allowed to play guitar without Pres. Haymens permission. so I am going to wait a little more until I ask him. We can only play on p days too, but I am fine with that. We sing a lot though. The hymns in spanish sounds better then they do in English, in my opinion.

Things are the same here ha-ha. I try to find different things throughout the week that I can write home about, because for the most part its the same thing again and again again, walking and teaching. We have a few people who are progressing and its looking like they will be ready for baptism soon, so I hope all works out with them.

We had to go to Posades today for interviews with President Haymen. It was a good time. We had our Temple recommends renewed because we get to watch the video of the re dedication of the Buenos Aires temple. They added on to it and rededicating it in August or September i believe, not sure which month. But we get to watch the video of it. The missionaries down in Buenos Aires might get to go, as well as Johnny and my friend Tyler from Murrieta will get to go, as well as some missionaries I know from the MTC. Pretty jealous. It will be cool to see though.

Elder McGarry and I did not get transferred or assigned new companions. Which is good, I wanted to be here in Ituzaingo for at least another transfer.

I have to give a talk next Sunday on the Priesthood in Spanish!. Kind of freaking out but I am sure I will be fine, Ive already started preparing it.

Anyways, nothing new this week. Teaching and studying like crazy. The Mohor Family is feeding us on the 4th and is BBQ for us since its independence day in the states!

We are pretty excited ha-ha. There you go!

All is well here. Elder Deniston

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