Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July Pictures

Lopez Family and friends!

Sabrina Lopez and her family. We took all of these photos so we arent in them!

This was an activity at the church for the primary. That is President Guerrero in the middle. The members here are really cool and do a lot of stuff for the primary and youth.

Snapped this while Elder McGarry was talking on the phone. We dont usually take much photos so I took this oppurtunity to snap one real quick haha. Just a random photo

Haha I had to take a picture of my ice cream. It is so good! I actually like it better than the ice cream in the states. We usually stop by Gridos and get some Ice Cream on P-days
This is for dad! They have Oroweat here! Had to snap a photo and show you. Its pretty dang expensive here haha.

This one is just a random one I took while we were out clapping houses haha.

Just a another. I liked this one, wanted to send it.
This Ismael and Noel Vazquez with there family. There a nice family and Ismael is a pretty cool young kid, hes pretty smart and knows a good deal about the gospel for being so

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