Wednesday, August 8, 2012

June 18, 2012

Dad! Happy belated Fathers day! I hope it was a great day!

Glad to hear these weeks were good. Sad I don't get to hangout with the family all together! But I hope you guys are having fun!

Alright, let me tell you about my week. Monday - we cooked fajitas for Familia Gauna. Hermano Gauno is a member and his son was baptized a while back but for some reason was never confirmed, so we went over and cooked them dinner and just got to know them a little more so they were comfortable with us and we taught Edwardo, Hermano Gaunos son the important of baptism by fire and the Holy Ghost. Long story short, we confirmed him this Sunday. Which was awesome! I cooked the food and it actually turned out really well! We were pretty surprised ha-ha.

Tuesday - Rain. Didn't get to teach as much as we would of liked because of the rain but we met this family Famialia Ladezma. We first talked with Hermnao Ladezma and his son, Ismael. They had a lot of questions and Elder McGarry did his best to answer all of them and I did my Best to contribute to the lesson. We went back on Thursday to follow up them and they weren't home but Hermana Ladezma was, so we talked to her. This lady is ready to join the church! She attended church when she was young has a testimony of Christ, the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, word of wisdom, everything! For some reason she had been inactive for years. Her sister was just baptized and join the church in Greece and that kind of sparked her interest in returning to church, and then we show up at her door a month later. She committed to a baptism date and were going to teach her and her family tomorrow and later this week. She said the night we left Hermano Ladezma read the Book of Mormon for two hours and that Ismael liked the lessons. So we hope everything goes well! Pray for them!

Friday - we had lunch with the Mohor Family. It was Hermano Mohors birthday so we had a BBQ! Best. Meat, Ive. Ever. Had. So GOOD! The beef here is amazing ha-ha. After lunch it started raining though and did not stop all day. We were headed to a lesson and got caught in the rain and just got drenched! Literally head to toe completely soaked. It sucked, but we just laughed it off and went back to the apartment and changed and went back out that afternoon. That night there was another huge storm, bigger than the one I mentions last week! I filmed some of it and I will try to send some videos next week so you guys can see. Saturday was a good day. We had a lesson with a lady who is like 81. We started teaching her the message of the restoration but as the lesson went on we found out more about her and she has had a lot of people pass away in her life, including some children if I remember correctly. So we felt prompted to switch the lesson and each her about the plan of salvation. The spirit was there and she started bawling during the lesson. Were going back this week so I will let you know how it goes.

Elder McGarry and I have just been working hard to find some new investigators that will progress and we hope everything works out with the people I just told you about! The Spanish is slowly but surely coming. I can feel my tongue start to loosen up a little bit. We have become pretty close with the members here and I feel comfortable trying to talk as much as I can with them, and they help me out. Anyways, we had a pretty good week. Despite the rain ha-ha.

Tell everyone at church I say hi and that I love them! Glad things as well at home. Oh started reading Jesus The Christ, interesting stuff, really cool though! Random but I thought I would mention that ha-ha.

Alright, got to run! Love you all!

Elder Deniston

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