Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hello Family!

Highlights of the week!

First, we had some baptisms. We baptized Brian, Jessica, and Micaela Ojeda! It was pretty dang awesome. A lot of the members came out and supported the Ojeda family. Hermano Ojeda started coming back to church about a month or so ago and has been doing really well. I think I mentioned a little about them last week so you have a feel for what's up with them. But the baptisms were great and they are extremely happy!

It was cool because directly after the baptism we watched the stream of the celebration for the re-dedications of the BA temple at church with the ward. It was really cool and I recommend looking up it and watching some of it. Elder Christofferson, Elder Ballard and President Eyring came and gave some really cool talks. You will be able to understand Ballard and Eyring's talks because they spoke in English and had a translator. Elder Chrisofferson speaks perfect Spanish so you are out of luck with his ha ha. But check it out. They did a tribute for all the missionaries and the missionaries in BA got to march out on the field while like 2,000 youth sand Called to Serve.

Second, the re-dedication of the temple on Sunday! We got to watch the broadcast here, which was incredible. I was not aware the temple has been closed for abut 3 years because they have been re-modeling it. It looks incredible now! and the dedication was amazing. We are hoping that President Haymen is going to start letting the missionaries visit the temple when we finish our missions, we will see with that.

So overall the weekend was the highlight of the week!

Elder McGarry and I have a good feeling that we are splitting this transfer. Transfers are not this week, but the next. So I will let you know then!

Sounds like the last sacrament meeting was good! I definitely know how it is to not have many members in church ha ha. We have an average of about 30 each week here.

Well other than that there isn't to much going on, just the usual. Things are probably going to be different here in a little bit b because we are pretty sure we are both getting transferred and both getting new companions. Elder McGarry is super trunky and has started talking more and more and more about home ha ha. He is still working hard though so all is well.

Mother, I will have a scripture for you to give to Sis. Hughes next week. I just can't remember the exact verses at the moment so I will have that next week.

Sorry I don't have photos this week, I was going to send a bunch from the baptism but I forgot to grab my camera when we left the apartment today. So I will also have that next week!

Anyways, not much to write about except for those few things. I hope all is well with everyone and I will hear from you next week.

Love you all!
Elder Deniston

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