Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 22, 2012

Alright, we have a ton of stuff going on this week! But I will get to that stuff in a minute.

We had an interview with President this week and he informed us a little more about Sister Haymen. She has been learning to re-walk and remember some words, so it sounds like it was fairly big stroke. But, he said she is good condition and is progressing well and should be back to the mission soon! He said she is good spirits and wants to return as soon as possible. So keep her in your prayers.

Crazy about gas prices! Glad I don´t have to worry about those currently ha-ha.

Crazy about Romney! Let me know what happens with that. People down here are even talking about the election. Ha-ha. Is the Church is the spotlight or taking any heat because of him?

Pretty awesome that McKenzie wants to serve a mission! Really awesome.

Alright, well we have a huge week in front of us this week! Veronica was supposed to have her baptism this last Sunday! But, her mother was unable to be here because she had to visit her mother in Corrientes Capital. Veronica didn’t want to have her baptism if her mother was not there so we had to postpone it until tomorrow! So this is the second time we have changed the date ha-ha. We have grown a little impatient about it ha-ha, but everything looks good for tomorrow! So I will have pictures of that the following week.

Also, we might have more baptisms this weekend! We have been working with Valdimar (a member here) and his family, the Gomez-Perrea´s and they are ready to be baptized! The only thing is Valdimar wife doesn´t really feel prepared, but really she is. She knows all of the baptismal questions and has been keeping all of the commitments, she has been attending church and reading and doing everything she needs to be doing! She has already told us that she knows everything is true and has felt her faith grow. So we aren´t really sure what is keeping here from wanting to be baptized. We have been working with them a ton lately and have been teaching about Christ and why he was baptized and The Gift of the Holy Ghost and telling that we sincerely feel that she is ready. Valdimar also feels that she is ready! We have a lesson with them tonight and we think we are going to find out her decision then! If she wants to have the baptism this weekend, of if she wants to wait a little bit longer. So we are praying and hoping everything goes well! I will keep you guys updated.

Right now we are focusing on them, Veronica and the family Gomez Perrea! They are all really amazing and their faith in Christ has been growing tremendously, so we hope to see them enter the waters of baptism this week! This is our last week of the transfer, I feel like it is going to be my last week here, and it is Elder McGarrys last week in the mission, so we are doing everything we can to end this transfer with all of these awesome things!

This is pretty much what we are doing now. Focusing on them. So I will let you guys know what happens! Pray all goes well! Other than that we have been working a ton, we had 7 investigators in church yesterday and 9 the other week! Almost a third of our congregation was investigators ha-ha. Oh also, this week I did transfers with Elder Moore from my district in the MTC! It was cool to spend a couple days with him, especially because he is from California! Good reunion to have.

I love you all and hope everything is going good at home! Sorry I can´t send pictures. It takes a ton of time, so it´s either a good letter or a lot of pictures ha-ha. I felt like the stuff going on this week was more important to tell you about, so the photos will have to wait! But I have a lot to send, so I will get them off to you guys as soon as I can!

Love you and will hear from you all next week! :)

Elder Deniston.

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