Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 9, 2012


Yesterday was holiday so we had to work! So, here is my letter now! I don´t have much time so I have to make it quick!
Sounds like things are well at home! Loved the photos you sent. Looks like you guys are having fun! Otto is a stud! Sure do love that little kid.
We did get to hear general conference. We heard the first session Saturday in Spanish because we couldn´t figure out how to get a second channel of it in English. But I understood a lot of it! We watched the second session in English on the computer and watched Priesthood in Spanish with the brand. The news about the age for missionaries is awesome! Basically it´s finish high school and leave! Which is probably better and I a lot more missionaries and sisters will be the result.
We got to watch both sessions Saturday in English. I loved Eyring´s, Bednar´s, and of coarse Hollands. Holland just has a gift for giving talks and speaking. Pretty incredible and impossible to not feel the Spirit. But those 3 where my favorites! I have been doing an in-depths study of Acts and the Primitive Church after the ministry of Christ. So to hear some talks about that perfect for me.
Pretty crazy that Dad is still not in work! When is he going to return?
Glad to hear that the family is good! How is Tyler doing? Haven´t heard from him at all!
Here is a list of things you can send me in the package:
Deodorant( Old Spice Denali Scent. Get the dry stick, not the gel stick.) The more the merrier with this haha. I am not a fan of the deodorant here.
Socks( The same black one we first purchased.)
Haircut Clips! Elder McGarry is giving me his clippers when he leaves. Send me the two biggest pieces. I believe they are sizes 7 and 6. But send those!
Candy! Whatever kinds haha.
Also, send me some photos from home. I have none and members and investigators always want to see photos! Some of the family, friends, Lake Elsinore, etc. That would be awesome. You can take some off of Facebook, I have a lot up there.
So we have some big news this week! First, Hermana Haymen had a stroke this last week. :/ She is currently at a hospital in BA and we received a email today from President Haymen that she is recovering well and rapidly and should be returning to the mission soon. We fasted for her as a mission and are keeping her in our prayers! So pray for her as well. We didn´t receive to much information about it but received news that she is getting a lot better and that there should be no problems with them and there future service in the mission.
We are possibly going to have a baptism this weekend! We have been working with a girl named Veronica and she is ready and excited to be baptized. The only thing is she wants her mother to be there for the baptism she might be out of town this weekend. So if her mother is going to be here we are gong to have the service, if not, we are going to have it next week! I will let you know what happens with that!
Elder McGarry have 29 days left and is doing well! He is still working so that is good haha. He wants to finish he mission strong and I am encouraging him to keep up the good work. We have a lot of good things set up for the transfer so he is excited and wants to end on a good note!
I am thinking I am going to get transferred next transfer but we will have to wait and see! I will let you know. We have a few more weeks here first so I am just staying focused on the work cut out for us here.
I love you all and am keeping you guys in my prayers! I will some photos for you guys next week and I am going to try to get some videos off to you guys. For some reason my camera video files are to large to send, but Elder McGarry says he has sent videos from his camera before so I am going to borrow his and send a couple off to you guys.
Love you and will hear from you next week!

Elder Deniston.

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