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September 24, 2012

Hello Family,

We read our e-mails on our P-day, which is Monday. But the thing is that Elder McGarry and I stop by and print out our emails at 11, then we come back later in the afternoon and respond. That way we can read our e-mails before and have more time to write. When I have to read the e-mails it takes away from my time to write back. So if you can just get them out Sunday night that would awesome for me. If you guys do that, you guys can write more and send separate e-mails. So please do that if you can. Thanks! It also gives me time to answer questions and what not.

Well news is that Elder McGarry and I are still here in Ituzaingo. At first I was kind of upset because I was kind of anticipating getting transferred and getting a Latino comp, but I don´t really mind staying here another transfer. I´m sure it means we just have some more to do here before we leave. This means that I am going to kill off Elder McGarry haha. This is his last transfer in this mission. He is happy to be here and is excited to be heading home soon also ha-ha. The reason I wanted to get transferred or get a new comp is because I know it will help my Spanish. It isn´t to bad now for how long I have been here, but I know having that experience of having a Latino companion will help me a ton, which will be better for later in the mission. But it looks like we have to wait until next transfer! That will mean I will have spent 6 months here in Ituzaingo! which is a pretty long time to be in one place on the mission, but I like it here, so all is well.
Glad to hear the primary programs were good! They are always fun to watch ha-ha.
Glad to hear that Bishop and President Wilson saw the photos from the baptism! I plan on writing them soon and will hopefully have some letter out to both of them soon.
This week was pretty good. Nothing to exciting ha-ha. The weather calmed down a little and was cooler, so that was nice. We had a lot of investigators at church yesterday which was good and it´s looking like we are going to have some more baptisms before the end of this transfer. Hopefully! We are working with the family Gomez-Perrea, a boy named Lucas and a girl named Veronica. I will update a little more about them as things progress.
So in the mission they have slang terms I guess you can say, for example if you train someone that missionary is you child. So since Elder McGarry trained me I am his son, and his trainer is my grandfather ha-ha. I am the second missionary Elder McGarry trained so the other missionary he trained, Elder Stout, is my brother. Anyways, the reason I am telling you this is because Elder Stout is our new Zone Leader! Elder McGarry doesn´t like it because he has to listen and obey the missionary he trained ha-ha.
Also, Elder Moore, from the MTC, is our new district leader! So I will be seeing a lot more of him. We get along well, I so I am glad he is our district leader!
Other than that, nothing to new. Oh this week, we ran into this old man that plays the Accordion (believe I spelt that right) and the harp! He played for us, it was pretty cool haha. He loves the Bible and was sharing us a bunch of scriptures and he let us teach him a little bit. I am going to try to send some videos of him playing so you guys can hear!
This week we have to Resistencia because Elder McGarry has to finish up his Visa stuff to make sure he is good to go home, which means we have to buy moreeee Bus Tickets. But the good news is that when we are at the office we get all of the money we spent on bus tickets for the past two months re-imbursed.
Alright, well I am going to try to send some videos to you guys so I am going to wrap this one up. I love you all and will hear from you soon!

Elder Deniston.

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