Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 19, 2012

Glad to hear things are going well! I will apologize in advance
because I wanted to send photos today but the Cyber with the computers
that let us send pictures is closed, so we had to come to the other Cyber
that has lame computers that won’t read our cameras. So the photos will
have to wait until next week! I took photos of the apartment so you
guys are finally going to see that ha-ha. Sorry I know you guys want to
see it and I have been slacking with getting those to you guys.
Cool news about Evan! Tell him I said Congratulations and that he is
going to love the mission! The church is strong in Mexico so I am sure
that will be a cool experience for him. Cool about Lauren too!
Glad the elders were over for dinner! I always enjoy having lunch with
the members. Here they do things a little different. Everyone has a
small breakfast, a GIGANTIC lunch, and then a small dinner. So instead
of dinner, we have lunches with our members. According to Elder Child
we eat really well here in Ituzaingo ha-ha. I guess the stuff he would
eat in Formosa wasn’t as good as it is here. I don’t really know because
this is my first area. It makes since though because Ituzaingo is
a really nice town and the people here have a little bit more money,
so as a result we eat really well!
Crazy about the dog! But I am glad you guys found him ha-ha.
Sounds like things are getting a little crazy for Thanksgiving! It is
kind of strange being this intense heat during November ha-ha. It
definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas is right around the corner
because it is so blazing hot and humid. Thanksgiving here isn’t even in
November so we won’t be celebrating it! I believe it is July? Because I
remember it happening a few months back! So while you guys are eating
turkey and a bunch of delicious homemade food, we will be working!
This week was good! Nothing too new to share again. We have some
investigators progressing but ran into a few obstacles that we are
working through. We think all will be well to have some more baptisms
before the end of the transfer, so I will keep you guys updated!
We had to travel to Corrientes AGAIN this week! The people did
something wrong with my papers and Visa last time so we had to return
to fix it. I was pretty upset about it because it wastes almost an
entire day of work and it costs a ton of money to travel there. So
that was kind of lame.
Other than that things are good! I have adjusted pretty well to how
Elder Child does things and he has adjusted pretty well to how I do
things. We work well together and are unified as a companionship,
which is good! Preach My Gospel says that although there are two
people there should be once voice with the same objective, bringing
people unto Christ. He is good missionary and I am glad he is my
companion. I will send some photos of us next week!
Other than that things are the same! Just keeping up the good work!
Thanksgiving is this week so I want the entire family to know that I
am grateful to have such a wonderful and loving family! You guys are
all a huge blessing to me and I love you all! Have a wonderful week
and a great thanksgiving. Eats lots of delicious American food for me!
Elder Deniston. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


How is everyone doing? I hope good!

I don´t have too much time this week so I am going to keep this one kind of short!

We heard about the election with Romney and Obama sucks! But I have more important things to talk about right now so we can put that on the back burner ha-ha.

This week was pretty good! We had a conference in Posadas Wednesday with a member of one of the quorums or 70!
Elder Vinas spoke along with President Haymen. It was really spiritual! They mainly spoke about the Doctrine of Christ and how we can improve as missionaries through Hope, Faith, and Charity. I don´t have time to explain everything they taught, but it was really good! I also Elder Waldron, my comp from the MTC, there! So that was cool.

Other then that Elder Child and I have just been working a tonnn! We have a lot of people progressing at the moment. It is looking like we are going to have some baptisms before the end of the transfer, so that is always good news! One of the more interesting people we are teaching is Sandra and her family. Sandra is from Africa, lived in Brazil for a while, and moved here a few years ago! She has 3 girls, triplets, and they are the only black family here in Ituzaingo! Pretty cool. I will keep you updated on what happens with them! We also have a few other people progressing that should enter the waters of baptism within the next few weeks. So there should be some exciting news the next few emails.

We also heard about the storms back East. Sounds like it was pretty bad. :/ But it is glad to hear the Church was quick to respond and help out!

I am having trouble thinking of things to tell you guys! Ha-ha. This week was just another week of a lot of walking, sweating, and teaching ha-ha. Not too much going on other than the same things we are always doing ha-ha. Elder Child is cool! I don´t have a photo of him so I will have to send one next week. But is a really funny kid and we getting along well, so that is good.

Crazy to think that it is already November! Christmas is coming up! And I am already well over the 6 month mark here in Argentina! It has gone by pretty fast!

Are converts are doing well! Especially Veronica and The Gomez Pereira family, so that is good. The church is growing here in Ituzaingo and the members are happy with us and our work, so we are going to keep it up!

Sorry, I am like drawing blanks on what to talk about this week! Sorry that this letter is so short! :/ I promise that I will have more to write next week and I will get some photos off as well. Glad to hear everything is good and I will hear from you all next week. Love you all!

Elder Deniston. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 5, 2012

Awesome photos! Stoked for Devin and Nathan and Otto looked legit in his pumpkin costume! Sounded like Halloween was a fun time. They don´t really celebrate Halloween here ha-ha. Some of the stores and what not had fake cobwebs and spiders for decoration but that´s about it. No trick-or-treating or parties or any of that stuff.
This week was pretty good, other than the fact that I feel kind of sick right now :/ I am not sure why, but I am sure it will go away soon. It´s nothing serious, just a cold I believe, but it definitely isn´t fun.
We had 3 more baptism’s this last Monday! The family Gomez-Perrea had their baptism and it was probably the coolest baptism I have had yet on the mission. They all good of course, but it was cool to see Hermano Gomez-Perrea baptize his wife and two kids. Definitely a spiritual experience. He bore his testimony this last Sunday about the baptism and his family and what not, was really cool. So that was awesome!
Elder McGarry left for his house Wednesday and I am now with Elder Child from Utah and we are still in Ituzaingo! I thought Elder McGarry spoke well but this kid speaks Spanish just as well as he speaks English. So I feel I am going to learn a lot from him. So that will be good. He has a couple more transfers then me and he knows Elder Gallardo, so that is pretty cool. He was in Formosa before coming here and the missionaries in Formosa literally all have baptism´s each week. Mainly because all of Formosa is pretty poor and the people there are just prepared and ready to join the gospel. But I say this because he still has that go get em` attitude to baptize each week, which is good! Corrientes is a little different and there aren´t as many baptisms here, but we are going to work hard and have success here!
Oh also, new rule. No English! Elder McGarry liked to speak English, and although I learned a ton from him, it´s obviously better to just speak Spanish. So for the next year and half only Spanish! In the apartment, on divisions, P-days, everything! Only Spanish.

Elder Child is pretty cool and I get along with him so far, I have a feeling we are only going to be together and here for this next transfer because all the members say that during the middle of December is when the Elders leave and the Sisters come in. Because that is when all the tourists start rolling in to use the beaches!
I am kind of wanting to get transferred and see some other parts of the mission ha-ha, because I have been here alonggggg time! But it´s all good, because Ituzaingo is pretty cool. We will see what happens next transfer!
Other than this not much going on! Elder McGarry and I kind of got into a routine of how we spent our P-days and it´s probably going to change a little bit now that I am with Elder Child, so I am not too sure when we will be writing each week! I know that Elder Child likes to write earlier in the day and Elder McGarry liked to write later in the day, so just make sure to have your letters out Sunday night still!
I love you all and am going to try to send some photos now! Have e a great week and I will write more next week!. :)
Elder Deniston


November 5, 2012

You guys need to look this up online! I haven´t really mentioned it in any of my previous emails. But they have a gigantic Dam here in Ituzaingo! I believe it is one of the biggest in the world. We aren´t allowed to visit because it technically isn´t a part of a country. On one end is Argentina and the other Paraguay, so it kind of no-mans land. They have a museum here for it and visited that, pretty cool. Look it up online though, I believe it is called the Yacare Dam. But look around, you will be able to find it.
 The Ojeda family! Different Ojedas family, not our other converts! They got married this day and we are now teaching Maria Ojeda and we think that she will be baptized this transfer! I will keep you updated.

With the Gomez-Perrea family before their baptism!
We had a going away Asado for Elder McGarry and the entire branch came! This is a photo of us with Hermano Godoy!