Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 17, 2012

Greetings from Oberà, Misiones! 
A lot of stuff to tell you guys about. New area, new companion, new everything! I am going to start with Oberà. 
This place is really, really nice. La gente aquí tiene la plata! (The people here have money!)    and I am probably in one of the most green areas in the world. The providence of Misiones is known for how green it is, its really cool. It`s like they rolled into a jungle and built a city. Walking down central here is like walking down downtown San Diego or Salt Lake, but Argentine style. I am going to send a few photos I took but feel free to look up Oberà on google to get a feel of how it is. 
Our apartment is also nice! It`s actually a small house and is literally right in front of the chapel. It has hot water, air conditioning, everything! So that is definitely a blessing after not having those things for half a year in Ituzaingò. I will send some photos of it also. 
The only down part of Oberà is the entire city is on hills! and they are huge! You walk up a hill that’s almost the size of Tuscany hill, its flat for probably 70 yards or so, and then you walk down another hill the same size! It definitely isn`t a good time. Also our area is huge! It literally takes all day to walk from one end of our mission limits to the other. I was told that we have either the largest or second largest area in the entire mission. Either way, it is gigantic! 
New companion! Elder Bowhill from Uruguay! He is legit and we get along well, so that is always a good thing. He has been studying English on the mission and doesn`t speak to bad for being Latino. I am going to help him out with English and of coarse he is going to help me out with Spanish. So far I like being with a Latino companion and hope to have more Latinos then gringos in the future, but we will see what happens! Elder Bowhill has almost a year in the mission and he played on a professional fútbol team in Uruguay before he left. So that’s something cool about him. He is good at soccer ha-ha. 
Also, we live with two other elders! Elder Rusque from Chile and Elder McKenley from Texas. I think its pretty cool living with two other elders, so far I have enjoyed it! I get along well with Elder Rusque really well and Elder McKensley is a cool missionary. We all get along really well. 
The church here is strong! It’s really nice to actually be in a functioning ward. We had really strong members in Ituzaingò but the branch there was lacking good leadership and members who fulfilled their callings. Presidente Pawluk, the president of the branch here is really good and the majority of the callings are filled with returned missionaries and strong members. It really makes a big difference in the ward and makes the missionary work a lot easier and better. So that also is a blessing!
Over all, Oberà is a really cool place and I hope to be here for at least a few transfers! So we will see what happens. Right now we are working with some investigators that the sister missionaries had before us, because Elder Bowhill and I both arrived at the same time and took over the sister missionaries area, and we have some investigators progressing well. I will let you know what happens with them later. But their is a lot of potential for success here, so Elder Bowhill and I are going to work hard and get some baptisms! 
It’s crazy that Christmas is right around the corner! I am excited to talk with all of guys and am glad everyone will be at the house together. I will let you guys know next week in my email what time I am going to call, so  you guys can be ready for the call. Will be a good time!
Alright, well I am going to wrap this one up! Love you all and hope everyone has a great week! The computer I am at right now won’t let me send photos because it’s not reading my camera, so they will have to wait until next week! Sorry! I have a lot though so expect a lot the following week. Hear from you guys later. 
Elder Deniston. :)

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