Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 24, 2012


Glad you guys looked up Oberà, I am going to try to get some photos set out when I finish writing this email so you guys can see the area a little bit more! Overall I am really content with area and with the elders I am with, so all is good here.

Tell Devin and Nathan thanks for the money they deposited over! I am really grateful for it because the end of the months are always extremely tight and this will help out a lot. Tell them thanks! Also, I didn´t receive the package this week! So I will probably have to wait until our zone meeting or when our zone leaders come to Oberà for a district meeting, and I am not sure when that will be. No worries though, it will show soon enough! Excited to receive it.

Glad everyone is together for La Navidad! I am sure that will be a good time! Send a photo of the tree and the house and what not, I want to see. Bueno, about the call! I am going to call at 6:00 P.M. OUR TIME HERE IN ARGENTINA. I am not sure exactly what the difference in time so I am not sure what time it will be back home, but I am sure you guys can figure that out. I have to call at that time so prepare to receive the call.

Glad to hear that everyone is doing good and enjoying the holidays together! Also cool about McKenzie, let me know where she gets called too!

Alright I will tell you a little about me week now because some cool stuff happened!

First Last Thursday we had a Zone Conference in Apóstoles in with Elder Di Giovanni and his wife. It was really good. We received a small gift for Christmas from them and from President and Sister Haymen as well. Elder Di Giovanni spoke about the real meaning of Christmas and they shared stories about some experience they had during the Holidays when Elder Di Giovanni was serving in Perú as mission president. Overall it was really good. He also called us elders in Oberà to talk with him privately to tell us that the branch here in Oberà in about to become a ward! Which is really good news. He said we only need a few more active and worthy priesthood holders and they will have enough priesthood to be ward. So that is exciting! He gave a specific task to visit the memberson the ward list that are in-active and to reactive the priesthood holders that they have, so we are working on that now.

Friday they had the ward Christmas party! Which also was really good. It was a really big turn out. The leaders here sang Christmas hymns, the primary did a performance of the Christmas story, the youth also sang hymns, and we performed a skit! Which the branch loved. Elder Rusque dressed up as Santa Clause, Elder Bowhill as an elf, and Elder Kemsley and I knocked their door and taught them about Jesus Christ. But the catch was that Santa didn´t want to learn about Jesus because he thought the Jesus was stealing his day of the year. So we had to teach them the real meaning of Christmas and at the end of the skit Santa Clause understand the real meaning of Christmas and Jesus Christ and accepted a baptism date haha. It was pretty good! Afterwards they had pizza and cake and just hung out for awhile. It was a really good Christmas program.

Some interesting things happened this week! The other day we left to work and were walking in central and passed La Iglesia San Antonio (Catholic Church here in Oberà) and a lady was pushing a nun in a wheel chair. They wanted to cross the street but when they left the side walk the lady somehow lost control of the wheel chair and the nun fell in street! It was kind of scary because she was on one of the main roads and she was probably a good 70 years old and couldn´t get up. It was alright though because we rushed over to help her up. We got her back in her chair and she was fine! But yeah, something interesting that I thought I would share.

Our investigators are doing well! We have some investigators that should be baptized before the end of the transfer! So that is always good news. The investigators the Hermana´s left us had a lot challenges and things keeping them from progressing so Elder Bowhill and I have been working with a few different people that are now progressing well. We have some baptismal dates set for the next couple weeks so we are going to see if all goes well with them. I will keep you guys updated! We fasted as a district this last weekend and I am sure that that will help out a lot.

For Christmas we are going to have dinner with a couple different families! Here in Argentina Christmas Eve is the night that everyone celebrates and Christmas day is just a day to relax and hang out. So tonight everyone is going to celebrate with Asado´s and fireworks! The celebrate Christmas the way we celebrate the 4th of July haha. We have dinner tonight with the family Lescano and tomorrow a lunch with La Famalia Rosa. So we are in good hands and will be having a good Christmas as well.

Alright, well I am going to wrap this up and try to send some photos over! Love you all and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I will talk to you all tomorrow! 6:00 P.M. my time! Be ready! Disfrutan La Navidad con la familia y vamos a hablar mañana! Feliz Navidad! :)

Elder Deniston.

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