Friday, September 6, 2013

Pictures - September 2, 2013

Elder Massey. Other AP. 
Elder Garcia! From Spain. One of Asistentes last photo with Elder Ortiz!
the family. Elder Ortiz. Elder Truman. Elder Craven. Yo. 
Elder Craven!
took this one for dad! You have your own reastraunt here haha.
I bought some leather scripture cases. They crave into the leather to design them. One for my bible and one for my book of mormon. 
Temple de San Diego

un libro de mormón bien grande!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 12, 2013

23 freshman in Seminary? Have a good time with that! haha. Conner is already a freshman, crazy. I thought he was younger. I don`t remember what year Bro. Decocq taught us seminary, he was a good teacher though. Along with Bro Nay. Good times for sure.

Tanner has written one time since he`s been home! So I`m sure he`s doing just fine haha. 

I did take out that money and it will be put to good use. I already purchased a good pair of slack and will be returning today to purchase another. With that I should be good. I am very grateful and will make sure to tell them thanks!

Stocked to get another package! I ran out of deodorant a couple weeks back and had to make the switch again to Argentine deodorant. So please send some more again, that would be highly appreciated. Old Spice Denali Dry. And I can`t really think of anything else I absolutely need, so surprise me! You`re always welcome to send dollars also haha. The dollar is worth 9 pesos here right now, but the bank only exchanges 5 pesos per dollar. So the value almost doubles if you have the actual dollar.

This week has been a little crazy because the entire world is talking Politics. Argentina voted for something important yesterday. It wasn`t for President, but for something else important.  I`m not sure exactly. But the two big candidates were Cipolini and Carim and all of Saenz Peña was decked out with posters, signs, stickers, banners, shirts, and campain buses that were driving around with a campaign song for each candidate blasting in the streets. The Argentines are crazy about there Politics. Election day was yesterday and I was scarred that our investigators weren`t going to come to church because they had to vote. But we still had some show up so all was well. It`s a law that each citizen has to vote or your receive a fine for not voting. So everyone was talking all about the election this week. Glad it`s over haha.

We had a really successful week last week and are hoping to start off this week the same. I`m excited because this week Norma will be getting married which is something we`ve been waiting a long time for. She is excited for her marriage and for her baptism next week. That`s the most exciting news. As for our other investigatores they are progressing well and if all goes asl planned there will be more baptism`s the end of this month in Saenz Peña. We still haven`t been able to travel to Pampas Del Infiero to visit the Perez family because Hno. y Hna. Perez traveled again to Buenos Aires this week. So are visit was postponed again. We will see if we will be going this week. I hope so, that is if I`m here!

Transfers are tomorrow and I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. I could be leaving, could be staying and I dont really have a strong feeling that one or the other will happen. So we will see! I`ll be happy with whatever to tell the truth. I just want to keep working well, the place isn`t really important for me. Our Zone Leaders and some of the other missionaries in our zone think that I will be leaving. But only time will tell! You guys will know what happened next Monday. 

Nothing to out of the ordinary happened this week. The only thing that is kind of crazy that I can think off is Wednesday or Thursday we had some crazy wind storms. Really, really strong winds. Combined with dirt and trash it isn`t the best combination. Other then that, nothing to note worthy haha.

Bueno, going to wrap this up and send some photos over! Have a good week. Love you all. :)


Elder Deniston.  

August 12, 2013 - Pictures


another shot of the chapel. It`s a really nice chapel. 
Our Pepsi advertisement
A fire broke out in front of one of investigadores house yesterday. They just let it burn. 
a little bit of Catholic culture. 

July 29, 2013

Glad to hear everything is well at home! Happy Anniversary! 33 years and going strong. Congratulations! Funny you brought up the whole sacrament talk thing again because I had to speak last minute again this Sunday haha. I will make sure to keep grandma in my prayers. Hope all is well with her! 

Bueno, I have a lot to write and little time. So I am going to try to write this fast. A lot of stuff happened this last week. 

First, we had interviews with President Haymen last Friday. They went really well and I was happy to have an interview with him. He came here to Saenz Peña with Hermana Haymen and we had a conference with them as well as with the AP's, and then interviews. He talked alot of the need to prepare for people for an ordinance and not just an event. A lot of missionaries are focused on getting the person baptized that it`s not really important to them if they have a testimony of the gospel. They meet the requirements for baptism and baptism them, but they aren`t really converted. So he spoke about that and the AP`s also gave some good lessons. July wasn`t the most successful month for the mission so they are lightening a fire with all the missionary to help them meet there goal and work to there full potencial. It went really well. 

Second, I had my first dog attack this week haha. I`ve always heard story's of missionary that had problems with dog but I guess I`ve been lucky because I have never had any problems until now. I was walking with Elder Ortiz and out of nowhere a dog leaves his yard and bites my left leg, at the same time his owner, who happened to be drinking, leaves his yard to start talking with me and was rambling on about Germany or Europe or something, I scarred the dog away and he goes to Elder Ortiz and does the same the thing, except he only got a hold of pant leg and tore it apart, he didn`t bit him. The entire thing happened in about 5 seconds and I was furiously mad and almost punted the dog to the other side of the street, but after the dog attacked Elder Ortiz I kind of just laughed it off and we returned to the apartment to change. Because usually only one companion is attacked, not both. The dog ripped Elder Ortiz`s paint leg all the way to his knee and left a fairly large teeth mark in my leg. I`ll send a photo over. I think that maybe the man had said something to the dogs to attack us, because I`ve never had a problem with dogs before, and he had been drinking. He also was rambling on about Europe or something and a lot of the Argentines have a problem with England because of the battle they had over the Malvina`s Islands years back. I`m not sure, all I know is that I had my first dog attack in the mission this week haha. 

Other then that the week was really well. We had a lot of investigatores in church this week and they were all people that we found during the week, so we are really happy for that. The Perez family is traveling back from BA today and we will be talking with them to plan when we will be traveling out there to teach them. So as for now things are looking really good for August. We have a lot of people that are progressing well and should be getting baptized soon. So pray for all of them and that all goes well. 

Today all of the new missionary had to travel to Resistencia and all the trainers stayed here in Saenz Peña and President Haymen gave us permission to get together to have lunch together. We all chipped in some money and I made everyone tacos! They turned out really well and we had a good time. 

This week it warmed up quite a bit, today is actually fairly hot. So I`m not to happy about that. Usually this time of year here the weather is really nice. So I`m hoping we have good weather  for August.

Also, I`m in need of new slacks. I only left with a few pairs and the pairs that I have a pretty jacked up and one of them got destroyed the other night boy the dog. So it would be nice to be able to purchase some new ones. I really have no idea how much they cost but it would be a blessing if you guys could send some money for that. I would like to get at least 2, maybe 3 pairs. I also need some money for a few other things. Let me know if that is possible. Gracias!

Alright, going to wrap this up and send some photos over! I love you and will write more next week! Que tenga una buena semana. :)

Elder Deniston. 

July 29, 2013 - Pictures

snapped this with some farmer that lives out in the fields. If you love me feed my sheep. 
this is the house of a member haha. He has paintings that he has painted with scenes from the Book of Mormon all over his house. 
dog bite along with some blisters. How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace haha. 

July 22, 2013

Looks like everyone is still having a good time for summer! Love getting the photos from everyone. Otto looks like he enjoying the beach! Slowly taking the "rock" out of him with some good California fun haha.

Things are good here in Saenz Peña. The only thing that I`m not to happy about is that the school`s are out here for summer and that has effected the missionary work. The Perez family left for Buenos Aireas for an entire week which means we wont be able to teach at all this week and prepare them for baptism this month. We`re going to have to wait a little longer. I was kind of upset because Brother Perez never really informed us that they were leaving for vacation until right before they were leaving. We do have good news with them though, after talking well with the zone leaders and the assistants we got permission from President Haymen to travel there to teach them personally. So that is going to help there progression a lot and they should get baptized shortly after they return. The situation has been a little difficult and frustrating for me because we`ve been doing all we can to help this past few weeks, but it`s not the easiest thing to do when we can`t go and visit them. They`ve been coming to church and already have enough church attendance to get baptized, they just need to be taught from the missionary. Our zone leader`s said that the Assistants want to drive out there with us, so I think after we have a good lesson with them they`ll be excited to enter the baptismal font. The only thing is now is that we have to wait a little longer. 

Other then that our other investigatores are really good. Norma, who has already scheduled her wedding date came to church this last Sunday and is super excited for everything. We are going to talk with President Avalos, our branch president, about a celebration in the chapel for her wedding the same day of her baptism. The Chapel here in Saenz Peña is one of the nicest buildings in the city, so it would be really nice. We`ll see if it all works out. 

I`m sure it`s super hot back home but this last week here has been cold! Argentina has cold winters but they only last for a couple weeks. So I`m hoping the cold passes soon, because it`s been pretty chilly here.  

This week I did divisions with Elder Kinneard from Canada! I chose a good day to do divisions to because we landed to large, back-to-back dinners. They had two Family Night`s planned with some members and they both cooked us some really good food haha. It was pretty funny because Elder Kinneard didn`t know they were going to make us dinner, so we ate a lot at the first Family Night and then went to the next one and entered the house to a table full of food for us haha. Needless to say, I was pretty full by the end of the night. 

This last week we did a fast a mission because with two weeks into the month we were pretty far from our baptismal goal as a mission. We usually always complete it, or come close to completing it, but the zone leaders gave us a call to tell us we were doing a mission wide fast to complete the goal for July. We`ll see how it went at the end of the month. As for now keep all of our investigadores in your prayers so that they can get baptized. 

Other then that the week was pretty normal! Just working a ton and keeping my head up. The month hasn`t gone as I planned it but we just have to keep pushing along and keep working. We`ve been working hard, so I know we will see the blessings soon enough. 

Bueno, voy a terminar esta carta y tratar a mandar algunas fotos. Les quiero mucho y voy a escribir mas la semana que viene! Chau! :)

Elder Deniston.

July 1, 2013

Mom I am proud of  your technology skills haha. You have progressed! I remember when you didn`t know how to send a text message haha. 

Glad to hear the good news from home. Looks like everyone is enjoying summer! Paul Bunyan Music Festival, Fishing in Montana, Disney Aladdin, family reunions. Glad to hear everyone is doing something fun!

Funny you mentioned the elder that had to give talks last minute haha. It happened to me again this Sunday haha. I`ve gotten use to it now. I am thinking about writing a few talks just to have ready when I am asked, would probably be a good idea. 

Exciting about Dad`s new job! I want to see the truck! Does Dad have his own building? Where he stores his truck and works? Something like that. Let me know. 

Send me a photo of Tyler`s scar! I want to see it!

Bueno, voy a decirles un poco sobre lo que esta pasando con nosotros! Tuvimos una semana muy buena esta semana. Uno de mis semanas mas exitoso que he tenido en la misión. 

This last week was really good for us! We had a lot of success. I was super happy because after a long week of preparing everyone to come to church we had 8 investigators at church!  This is a high number of attendance for our mission! So I was super happy for that. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we are preparing a lot of people for baptism in July. It`s building up to be a successful month. So I am excited. We just have to keep working with the diligence we have now. 

I will share some cool experience that happened this last week. 

We decided to do a fast as a zone. We fasted Thursday after lunch until Friday and fasted to find more people that are prepared to receive the gospel now. It worked haha. Friday Elder Ortix and I had our most successful day yet here in Saenz Peña. We received a reference from a member to visit a family and I`m really hoping they progress! So far everything is going really well them. There last name is Martinez and they are a family of 10, I believe, total. They recently moved here and Brother Martinez told us that he wanted to start going to a church when they arrived. His wife we haven`t met yet because she had a baby last week and has been in the hospital recovering. He went and talked with her and told her we passed by and told us that she wants to listen and they both want the kids to learn about God. They weren`t able to come to church because they had to go to the hospital but said they are going to come next week. So pray for them that everything works out. I am excited to start teaching them. We`ve already talked about baptism and they have the desire but want to learn about the Church first. 

The same day we had a lesson with one of investigadores named Marcelino. His son is the second counselor in the branch presidency. He has cancer and has been traveling back and forth to Resistencia to have operations so he has been progressing, but slowly. We taught him the Book of Mormon and it went really well. But, the coolest part of the lesson was the prayer. He has said prayers before in our lessons but this time he had a very strong experience with the Spirit. When we finished the lesson we asked him to end with the prayer and he kept refusing and didn`t want to do. But we kept persisting until he did. He offered a very short, simple, but sincere prayer and it was like God shot an arrow of the Spirit right through his heart haha. He said, "Heavenly Father, I thank thee for my family, I ask thee that I can help them, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." When he said "I ask thee that I can help them" he wept. It was difficult for him to finish. It was literally like if there is an on/off switch for the Spirit and someone flicked it on. He seemed kind of frightened or overwhelmed but what happened, he didn`t know how to react or he didn`t know what it was. His son was with us and he helped him to understand that it was the Spirit. Was a really good lesson and he came to church Sunday for the first time in a long time. So we are really content with that. His wife came as well. 

Those are a few cool stories from the week I thought I would share!

This week is transfers but nothing is going to happen with us because I have to finish training Elder Ortiz. I am excited because this Friday we have another multi-zone conference in Resistencia. Will be a good learning experience. I will let you know how it goes. 

Going to finish this up and get photos over! Thanks for the 50.00 bucks! Will be put to good us. :) Love you all and will write more next week! Que tenga una buena semana. 

Elder Deniston. :)

July 1, 2013 - Pictures

Fields as far as the eye can see

Changomas! Wal-mart owns it. It`s exactly the same. Just has a different name

Bautismo! Our 2nd week here in Saenz Pena. This is with the Acosta girls. They were super excited to get baptized. 
We went to museum here and they had old school radios and what not. I snapped some photos. 
It was really loud.
This is ancient turtle shell they found here in the desert. Look how big it is!
...the other church
The chapel here! Bien grande.
Walking on the train tracks
Just chillin.
We had an activity with the branch the other week. Locro for lunch! 

June 24, 2013

The missionary broadcast was awesome! It was really something I`ve been needing. I loved the talks and the video segments they had with them. The way we do missionary work is changing. It`ll be interesting to see how and when the changes will effect our mission. I really liked Elder Packer`s talk. Hearing an Apostle say "I still have so very much to learn" makes you put things in perspective a bit. We have a lot to learn here, and more to learn after this life.

4-5 to months isn`t to bad! Yesterday we talked with a member that had surgery and he has been recovering for 7 months and wont be 100% until next month. So It`s not as bad as 8 months! Give him a copy of the Book of Mormon to read. He`ll have plenty of time to read and it will help him feel better. I`m keeping him in my prayers, and asking specifically for a quick and good recovery. Let him know I love him. 

Pretty crazy that Ricky is in Turkey! What do they speak in Turkey? Do they eat a lot of Turkey in Turkey? 

Super jealous that Phineas is at the house for a month, miss that dog. Everyone here loves the photo I have of him haha. 

Bueno, news from me! All is going really well here in Sàenz Peña. The most exciting news we have is with the Perez family. They recently moved to a city called "Pampas Del Infierno" with in English is "Fields of Hell" haha. Just a random fact I thought I`d tell you guys. Anyways, the members in the city meet in our building and they have come to church the last few weeks. Brother Perez and wife have been members for years but have been in-active for along time. They started going back to church when they moved. The good news is they have 5 children that are all older the 9 and they want to get baptized! They have a baptismal date scheduled for the 13th of July, so we are hoping all goes well with that. If so, next month could be my most successful month yet, because we also have others that are preparing for baptism for the end of July. We`re just hoping, praying, and fasting that all goes well and falls into place. If so, it`ll be a really big blessings for us, for our investigators, and for the branch. 

I feel really good. We are working well and seeing good results. We`ve strengthened our relationship with the members, with the ward leaders, and we have investigators coming to church. Training while doing White Wash definitely isn`t one of the easiest things to do, but I`ve seen the hand of the Lord helping us out and guiding us the last few weeks. I`m excited to see how the next few weeks play out. 

Bueno, I`m going to wrap this up and try to get some photos sent out to you guys. If I can! Sorry I haven`t gotten any over in awhile, but the computers here have been lame. I`ll try to right now! 

I love you all and hope everyone has a great week! Excited to hear from you guys next Monday. :)


Elder Deniston. 

JUne 10, 2013

The week has gone by super fast! Feels like I was writing home yesterday haha. Crazy that you`re working at Sears. Did you land a job in the Kitchen/Bathroom deparment? or the garden department? I can see you working there haha. What do you have to do? When you're tired just think that you don`t have to walk miles and miles each day in the sun, like me! It`ll make you feel better.

Keep me updated on whats happening with Dad`s job. Tell Kylie I said happy late birthday! Glad Tyler went and talked with the bishop where he lives, that`s pretty cool. I keep him and the rest of the family and everything that`s going on in my prayers. 

I want a replica world series ring! Speaking or rings, who won the NBA Championships? 

This week was a good one for us here in Sàenz Peña! I had to go to Corrientes Capital this last Wednesday to renew my visa. It was a good time thought because Elder Bowhill and Elder Gallardo were there and I was able to talk with them all day. We did divisions, Elder Ortiz stayed here with one of zone leaders and I left with the other to Corrientes. We had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to catch the bus at 5:00. Wasn`t to fun! The funny thing was I forgot to change the alarm back the next day and Thursday morning Elder Ortiz and I woke up at 4:00 thinking it was 6:30 and started to do our normal routine haha. It took me about 10 minutes to realize we still had another 2 and half hours to sleep haha. Elder Ortiz was pretty mad, but what can you do? haha.

This Thursday we have to go to Resistencia. We are having a multi-zone conference and a Seventy, Elder Zeballos, will speaking to all the missionaries. I am pretty excited with for that. President Haymen said we can go prepared to ask him any question about the gospel or church. So it should be interesting!

Bueno, I will tell you guys somewhat about the training process. Now that I`m training Elder Ortix we have a new study program we follow called "the first 12 weeks". It`s a program that involves the trainer teaching the new missionary aspects that are really important in missionary work. Each week we have a specific topic, and I teach and help Elder Ortiz understand why the aspects are important and how he can apply them in situations he is going to have in the mission. It touches a lot of things that help the investigator receive answers about the gospel. For example one week we study "Revelation through prayer", another "Revelation through the Book of Mormon", another "Revelation through attending the church", another "Teach people and there needs, not just lessons", another "the role of the Spirit in conversion". Each week we have to study certain scriptures, watch the Preach My Gospel DVDs (I believe it`s the same thing that Mom said she was watching the other week on the BYU channel), and do a lot of practices to prepare for a lessons. It`s been really good because not only am I teaching, but I learn a ton at the same time. 

I`ve grown to like Sàenz Peña. To be honest the first couple weeks of the white wash were pretty difficult! But now we know the members a lot better and we`ve learned our area. The streets here are really nice because they have a grid system that makes it really easy to find houses and people. It`s like a the cities in the Utah Valley. It`s super easy to find everything. The branch here has about 60 active members, and 20 members that come every other Sunday. My first week here we had a bout 60 but the last two weeks we had about 75-80 members. Not to bad for a branch! This last Sunday the sister that had an assigned talk didn`t show up so I was asked to give a 10 minute talk with 10 minutes to prepare haha. Again! I`m pretty use to it now. I basically taught lesson 1 but with a lot of scriptures. Turned out good!

We have a few people that are progressing, so I will keep you guys updated on them!

Going to wrap this one up and get some photos over! Love you all and will write more next week. :) 


Elder Deniston. 

June 3, 2013

Hola Familia!

I apologize for the short e-mail last week. To make up for it I am going to get a good email to you guys this week!

I was glad to hear that everything is going good back home, and that Chelsea and Ricky are finally in California. I want to see photos of the new house. 

Bueno, first I will tell you all about Elder Ortiz. He is really excited to be here in the mission and I`m really happy I have the privlidge to train him. He`s from Buenos Aires and joined the church only 3 years ago. He comes from a family of 11! and his parents aren`t members. He served a mini mission in Buenos Aires so he already knows a lot about missionary work.

Are new area is Saenz Pena! and is in Chaco. It has been pretty crazy the past couple weeks because we arrived here together and had to find all of the investigators and members and we had no idea where they all lived. We walked around a lot this week with a map and directions to find people. 

The sisters were teaching a good number of people and we had to find them and finish teaching what they needed to know because they had bautismal dates for last couple weeks. Was nice to arrive in the aread with free baptisms but was pretty crazy preparing everything with so little time! 

Last Saturday we had another baptism! The sisters were teaching two young girls in a part-member family named Antonela and Laura. The baptism was really good! The only crazy thing was when we had to baptize Antolena. She has a problem with her feet and cant walk. She had to sit in a seat in the baptismal font, Elder Ortiz said the baptismal prayer, and a member that was also in the water had to remove the seat so Elder Ortiz could baptize her. Elder Ortiz said it was a little difficult, but she got baptized! That`s the most important thing. 

Saenz Pena is a really nice city! I`m happy it`s my area. Another cool thing is that Hermano and Hermana McCoy live in our area. They are couple missionaries and were the first people I say in the Dallas Texas airport when I left for the mission. They love talking about the first time we met in Dallas over a year ago. We actually had lunch with them and the zone leaders today and Hermana McCoy made some delicious American Style food. 

Bueno, I just realized i`m running out of time and I have to finish this e-mail. I have to President Haymen certain things now that I`m training and it takes more of my writing time. So I am going to have to plan a little better before hand what I am going to write! I don`t want to be disobedient and use more time then I should, so I have to finish the letter! 

I love you all! and I promise, promise, promise that I will get photos over next week! Have a great week and I will write more next week. :)


Elder Deniston. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

May 27, 2013

Loved the photos!

Bueno, a ton of stuff happened this last week and I dont have to much time to write it all. So I apologize in advance if this e-mail is short. I probably wont have time to send photos over. I will make sure to get them over next week! 

But I received a call Tuesday night from our Zone Leaders telling me that I had to go to the mission office Wednesday morning because I would be training a new missionary! I`m training Elder Ortiz from Buenos Aireas! So far I really like him and am really grateful for the chance I have to train a missionary. Elder Ortiz is really excited to be in the mission! When President was announcing who the trainers would be for the new missionaries, he was so happy. When he called my name to be his trainer he was going around telling all the new elders "Look! I have a companion, I have a companion!" haha. 

The other news is that we got transferred! We had to white wash Saenz Pena! White wash means we both arrived together to the area. It`s been a little crazy because we have had to get make our way around the city finding the members and investigators but we`ve figured everything out pretty well. Also, the sister missionaries that were here before left us baptisms! So we had a baptism last Saturday and spent the first few days preparing for that. Luckily the members understood our situation and helped a ton!

The sisters were teaching a boy named Matias and is only 10 years old. But he was really excited to get baptized and the baptism turned out really well!  The only kind of crazy thing that happened was that during the baptism service a drunk man entered the chapel and wanted to talk with me about George Bush and the U.S. So we had to take him outside and politely ask him to leave. It was kind of crazy! 

Sorry that this e-mail is super short! I have a new program I have to follow as a trainer and I have to write President more then I usually do! But I wanted to tell you guys the big news! New companion! training! New area! Baptism! Craziness. 

Next week I will explain a little more about my new area and more about Elder Ortiz and the training process! I will also send some photos over!

Apologize for the short e-mail! I love you and will write more next week! :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hola Familia!
Cool news about Dad! I´m kind of confused exactly at what it is to be honest. Is it just a permanent route that he has with a company? Or are different companies paying him to deliver bread? I´m slightly confused because you guys said it´s a route, and it´s a company. So fill me in on the info with that! I will be praying that all goes well with that.
Exciting news that seminary and classes end soon! Now you will have some time to wind down and hangout with all the grand kids in the pool. Summer is always a good time with the family!
Bueno, as for news from me nothing to crazy this week. Just a lot of rain and mud and overcast skies. This week was a little slower because it was Elder McMurray´s last week but it still wasn´t to bad. We´ve been on the look out for new investigators. We have been doing really well the past month or so with baptism´s and if all goes well we will be having another one this weekend or the following. After that we only have a hand full of people that are progressing, so we´ve been doing all we can to find some new people that are waiting to hear the gospel.
This week is transfers! So it will be an interesting week because I already know I am getting a new companion. Also this is the big transfer where everything will be finalized between our mission and the new mission in Posadas. So it´s kind a of big transfer for the mission. I will make sure to let you guys know what happens next Monday!
Elder McMurray is excited to see his family and to visit his old areas in the mission. There are some upsides and downsides to killing a missionary (missionary term for when a missionary has to be with another missionary his last transfer haha.), one of the upsides is that they leave a lot of stuff behind. When Elder McGarry went home he left me some cool stuff and Elder McMurray will also be leaving some useful stuff. So I am excited for that.
This last Sunday Bishop came up to me five minutes before the sacrament meeting started and told me that one of the members who was going to speak wasn´t there and asked if I could fill up the time! Elder McMurray was already speaking because it was his last Sunday in the mission so he thought I could just join him. It wasn´t the first time I had to give a talk with five minutes to prepare in the mission so it didn´t turn out to bad. I actually enjoy giving talks, but I do like to have a little time to prepare.
Oh also, today I received an e-mail from Elder McGarry (my trainer) and he told me that he is down in California from Utah. He had a companion that is from Murrieta so he is going to visit him and he said he wants to stop by the house in Lake Elsinore to visit you guys to. He asked for the address so I gave it to him, so you guys might be receiving a visit. Just thought I would let you know!
Other then that nothing to new to share! Next Monday will be a little more interesting because I will have a new companion! I´m going to wrap this one up and send some photos! I love you all and am always praying that all is well back home! Will write more next Monday.
Chau! :)
Elder Deniston.

Pictures May 20, 2013



On our roof

May 13, 2013

Bummed the phone cut last night! Pero esta bien, vamos a usar skype caundo hablamos por la navidad!
Sounds like Mother´s Day was a good time at home. Random fact, Argentina doesn`t celebrate Mother`s Day in May, it was just a normal day here. It`s weird because the majority of the other countries in South America celebrate it the same day we do. But it was cool to talk with everyone! Sounds like Devin got hooked up for Mother`s Day. I`ll have to pick up paddle-boarding when I get home. Hit the beach for a few days to get ride of the nice missionary tan lines I`ll have when I get back haha. The Train concert should be a good time too. I took a few of your old Train CD`s awhile back. Not quite sure where they are now but if you look around for them you´ll find them. I think Chelsea might have them actually.
Everyone sounds good! The only one who sounded a little different was Miles, sounds a little bit older! But I liked my conversation with him haha.
Me: Miles! What`s up?
Miles: Nothinnn´.
Me: What are you guys doing for Mother`s Day? Just hanging out?
Miles: Yeah.
Me: Getting along with your brother?!
Miles: No.
Me: Getting along with your sister?!
Miles: No.
That was all. Was pretty funny and it made me laugh! Was happy to talk with all the kids!
We did have a baptism last Saturday which went really well. Javier Gomez got baptized. Javier is the nephew of Cornelio that we baptized a couple weeks ago. He actually moved to Resistencia like a few days before I showed up here in Resistencia. Right now he`s living with his uncle and studying and working. He`s 20 and now he`s a member of the Church. It actually was really cool because he moved here with pretty much nothing, including no friends. So when he started going to church we was really happy to get to all the young men and young women in the ward and they helped a ton while he was taking the lessons.
We were kind of scared Saturday because an hour before the baptism it started pouring rain! Rain in Argentina is the worst thing that can happen if you are doing missionary work. Nobody does anything. The kids don`t want to leave and get wet or walk in the mud and get dirty so they don`t go to school. If they have the option they don`t work. Nobody want`s to answer the door and let us in because we are wet and they don't want to get the house dirty. It`s an excuse to sleep a longer siesta. They don`t like to use their cars or motorcycles because they will get really dirty in the streets. Excluding the really strong members, nobody goes to church. Not just in our Church, but all of the different churches. Last week there was a 100-110 members at our chapel, this week there was 40ish. Just to give you guy an idea. It`s just culture here.
So we were kind of scarred nobody was going to show up, but luckily we still had a good turn out and the baptism went really well. The only bad thing that happened is that my battery on my camera died rght before we took photos so I don`t have any. A member was there and took photos with his camera that he is going to send us. So I will have to send those over to you guys later. He should send me them this week so I should have them over to you guys next Monday.  But overall the baptism was really good and yesterday Javier was confirmed and he as well as Coco received the Aaronic priesthood. So that was cool to see. Bishop also had them bear their first testimony in sacrament meeting! Which if you can imagine as a new member would be kind of scary, but they did awesome and the members are all befriending them. So all is well there.
Other then that the only exciting thing that happened was the Mormon Helping Hands project we had Saturday morning. I was bummed because I`ve been keeping my eye for one of the yellow Mormon Helping Hands shirts in Spanish but the church doesn`t make them anymore! They just have little vests now. But the service project was still a good time. We picked up a ton or trash. Cleaned out parking lots and gutters, and painting the edges of the sidewalks. Our entire zone went to help out as well as a lot of the members from Guiraldes, so I spent the time working and talking with them. Was cool because it gave me some time to get to know them a little bit more. Overall was really good. I`ll send photos over!
I`ve been keeping my eye open for cool things on the floor around the city here. Things that would be cool for souvenirs. So far I`ve found magnets that the Remis`s(Taxi`s) have on their cars to show they are working. There pretty cool. They have the Taxi # and say "Municipalidad de Resistencia - Remis" really big on them. I`m pretty excited. I`ve been on a lookout for a Argentina license plate too. Hoping I come across one soon. Thought I would let you guys know!
But other then that things are really good. Studying, walking, teaching, baptizing. Keeping up the good work. But I am going to wrap this up and send some photos over to you guys. Love you all and will write more next week!
Elder Deniston.

Pictures May 13, 2013

 Argentina Sun
Picking up trash with Elder McMurray.

Fedrico con Elder Hein.
 Some of the elders and Fere! Fere is a returned missionary and he served in Bolivia. He helps us out a lot and we get along with well.
After the service project. This is only some of the zone though. Amar es server
I snapped this from our apartment this morning. Dark, wet, cold day. They are currently doing construction on our street.

Fruit Anyone?

Talking to Elder Deniston on Mother's Day

Friday, May 10, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hola Familia,
We had a good week here in Resistencia. Nothing to out of the ordinary happened but we still had a good week!
This last Tuesday we had some really, really bad rain. Some of the streets looked like rivers. We had a district meeting and a couple elders arrived late because they had to help push an ambulance out of a flooded street. They were most then waste deep in water, just to give you guys a good idea of how bad it was. I took some videos but I think they are to large of files to send over.
This last Thursday and Friday I did divisions with our zone leaders, so I was in the area Alberdi for a couple days. It´s a really rich area and supposedly one of the harder areas in the mission. but it was still cool to see something a little different. It was pretty cool because Elder McGarray (my trainer) was in this area for a few months a year or so ago and I got to meet some families that he re-activated. Was pretty cool to hear them talk about how he helped them back to the church.
Other then that I´m kind of drawing blanks on what happened this week! We just worked a ton and taught a lot of lessons. This next week should be a lot more exciting because we are planning another baptism for Saturday! So I am sure I will have some exciting news for you guys next week.
We are having a Mormon Helping Hands service project this coming Saturday morning with the stake and we might get to go help out. I´m looking forward to that because service projects are always a good time. I´ve yet to do Helping Hands project either because the last time they had one I was in Ituzaingó and they had it in Posadas and we didn´t want to make the travel. So that should be a cool experience. I´ll make sure to snap some photos.
Elder McMurray is in a want-to-go-home/don't-want-to-go-home mood haha. He is happy though because we´ve been working really hard lately and have baptisms planned for his last two weeks here, so that is pretty exciting. We have Javier that will be getting baptized this Saturday and also a women named Neli that will be getting baptized the following Saturday. We´re excited for both of them but especially for Neli. She has been going to church for the last two years and all of the elders have tried to baptize her but she was never able to get married for one reason or another. But, recently she has completed all of her paper work and what not and has a date schedule to get married. The following Wednesday I believe it is. The Relief Society here are planning a little celebration for her and the Saturdy after she will be getting baptized! So we´ve been working with her lately making sure she knows everything and is prepared. So that is exciting news.
I´ve slowly been buying thing to complete my Gaucho outfit which I am pretty dang excited for! When I have everything I want I will make sure to send a photo over. So far it´s turning out really good but I still need a few things. I started purchasing all the things back in Ituzaingó, so it´s been a project in the making.
Yesterday afternoon Boca and River played. It´s basically the Super Bowl here in Argentina. For a god two hours we tried to visit some people and try to find some new investigators but had absolutely zero success haha. Wasn´t to good of a time. We did know when one of them teams scored because everyone comes outside and launches off bottle-rockets to celebrate a goal. It´s pretty crazy.
Next Sunday I get to call home for Mother´s Day! I am going to call at 6:00 P.M. my time, so that would be 2:00 P.M. California time. I am going to call Mom´s cell phone and if for some reason that doesn´t work I will call the house phone. BE READY! I can talk for 45 minutes.
That´s pretty much all of the exciting things I can think of for now! I am excited to talk next Sunday. Looking forward to it!
I don´t have much time left so I wont be able to get some photos over this week but I will make sure to send a lot next week. Please save all of the photos I send in a file on the computer. I hope you guys have already been doing that!
Alright, have to wrap this one up. Love you all and will talk to you soon!
Chau! :)
Elder Deniston.

Monday, May 6, 2013

April 29, 2013

¿Como andamos? Espero que bien! Super loco que Otto tiene 1 ano! Feliz Cumpleanos Otto! Espero que disfrutaran la fiesta y que estén disfrutando el clima en California! Está lloviendo mucho acá.
We had a really good week because we had a baptism! Woohooo! That's really the only exciting thing that happened this week. Saturday we had the baptismal service of Cornelio Gomez and it was a really good baptism service. It`s been cool to see his progression. When he started listening to the lessons he was kind of hesitant about listening to us but after a few charlas, a Sunday or two at church, getting to know the awesome members here in Guiraldes, and feeling the Spirit, baptism was the only thing he wanted to do! He is now preparing to get the priesthood and to go to the temple to do baptisms. The ward here in Guiraldes is taking a temple trip the end of May to Asuncion, Paraguay (the closest temple, about 5 hours from Resistencia) and we are in the process of teaching him and Elder McMurrays other converts here about the temple so they will get excited to go. Each person that wants to go has to pay 150 pesos to go. They all throw some money in to make the trip. So were preparing them now! I heard a statistic that about 90% of recent-converts stay active if they go to the temple within the first six months after their baptism. Not sure how correct it is, but we`re still doing everything we can to help them go.
Other then that nothing to exciting happened! Just working a ton. Found some new people that we are teaching that have some good potential to progress. So I will keep you guys updated on them. We should be having some more baptisms within the next couple weeks. So that is exciting!
Elder McMurray and I have been running each morning! He ran cross-country in high school and wants to get back into shape before he heads home. He only has a few weeks and is still working really good, so I am pretty grateful about that. We will see how the next few weeks ago. He is really excited because his dad, mom, and one of his brothers are coming to visit in the mission before he heads home. He`s excited because they are going to visit his old area`s and converts and visit some of the tourist sites in the mission and in Misiones. He`s getting excited for everything but is still working hard. So all is good here in Guiraldes!
It`s raining like crazy here. Last night there was a huge storm. Lightening, thunder, rain...everything. Woke me up a few times!
When we finishing writing today we are going to go to Wal-Mart! Ahh yeah! There is 2 Wal-Mart in the entire mission and one of them is here in Resistencia and we got permission to leave are area to go. May sound like something normal to do, but things like this are exciting for a missionary. I`ll make sure to take some photos!
Alright, going to wrap this one up and get some pictures over to you guys! Glad to hear all is well at home. Love you all and everyone is always in my prayers! Will write more next week. :)
Elder Deniston.

Pictures April 29, 2013

 ...sticking to our North-American roots. Pancho's!

Snapped this today. I like the architecture of the churches here, especially in artsy Resistencia. I took this walking so it didn`t turn out to good. But thought I would send it over.
 Coco with relatives!
 Crazy sunset the other night!

Snapped this in an apartment complex here in Resistencia. Thought it was a cool photo. Kind of gives you guys a feel of how the apartments here are.

Our chapel. :)
Coco`s baptism!