Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hola familia,

Glad to hear from you guys! I could tell mom wrote her letter from her phone haha. A lot of stuff happened this week so I have a lot to say!

First, the good news! New Years was good. We had another Asado with la familia Solidad and then just hungout at our house afterwards. It started to pour rain at 11 and we lost electricity so we just crashed haha. But it was a good time.

Second, we had divisions with the AP`s this week! The told us that they were going to come visit to have divisions but didn`t tell us when. We received a call from them Thursday at 10 a.m. and Elder Dallimore says " Elders?! How you guys doing? We are on our way to Oberà from Resistencia now and will be there in an hour, be ready for divisions!" haha. Typical of the AP`s. But everything went really well. Elder Bowhill and I planned a day with two companionship's and we ended up having a lot of success. Elder Bowhill worked with Elder Acunà and I worked with Elder Dallimore. We learned a lot and they said that we are doing good work here in Oberà, so all was good there.

Third, President Di Giovanni is going to visit Oberà this next Sunday. I think he wants to visit the rama and talk with Presidente Pawluk (Branch President) because the branch here is soon going to become a branch. But I am sure he is going to talk with us and how the missionary work is going here, so we are looking forward and preparing for that! Should be good.

Fourth, I bought some sweet soccer jerseys this week! I am still waiting to get an Argentina Messi original but I bought a jersey for each of the two most popular teams here in Argentina, River y Boca. All of the people are fans of either River or Boca and they are rivals, so when they play each other its a big deal. But Elder Bowhill saw guy who was selling jerseys and sports gear on the side of the road and he had really nice jerseys for really cheap, so we bought some stuff. I will send some pictures over to you guys.

Now, the not good/but good news! We had an emergency transfer this week. Elder Rusque had to be transferred to Apóstoles because he has to have dental work done. He completely lost a tooth haha. He has to be in Apóstoles because I gues thats where the best dentist is. I got along really well with Elder Rusque, so thats the bad news. But the good news is that now we have Elder Burke, and he is pretty cool as well. There was also another reason why they had the emergency transfer, something to do with Elder Burke and his old comp, but I am not really sure what happened. Everything is the same with me and Elder Bowhill, but now Elder Kemsley is with Elder Burke and Elder Rusque is with Elder Rusque`s old companion.

Bad news! I got really sick this last week. But luckily it has already passed. I woke up Saturday morning and my head and my stomach weren`t feeling to well, but we had to to work, so we left to work! During the day I started to feel worse and we ended up getting caught in the rain which didn`t help either. We had to return to the church at 6 because the other elders had a baptism and by the time we arrived I felt horrible. I had a fever and my body was cold and everything was jacked up. Ending the night throwing up the lunch we had, taking some medicine, and crashing. Yesterday the fever was still lingering somewhat but I woke up today feeling completely fine, so all is well! Just caught a fever for a little bit. All of the missionaries say that it happens to the majority of the missionaries from the States at least once, just because we are in a different country with different everything. But no need to worry! Everything is good now!

Other than that things are going really good! Sorry I couldn't get photos over this week, this computer wont read my camera. But I will get some sent over next week.

Sounds like the Clips are killing it! Keep me updated! Also with Football, whats happening with the Super Bowl?!

Alright, love you all and will talk to more next week! :)

Elder Deniston.