Monday, February 18, 2013

Pictures - February 11, 2013

 Elder Bowhill y yo con Presidente Pawluk. My shirt sleeve is all out of wack and it looks my arm is snapped haha

A sweet statue of some indian haha. Thought it was cool so I snapped a photo of it

Hahaha. I recieved the letters that Devin sent me! Let her know and tell her I said thank you and that I was really happy to finally recieve it! I loved the little photo book she gave me with the photos of the family and the kids.

Elder Burke, one of the elder that lives with us, snapped a photo of me sleeping on the bus when we had to travel to Apostoles for our Zone Conference, and when he saw this photo os Kylie he started laughing and said it just must be a classic Deniston face haha.

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