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Feburary 4, 2013



Thanks for canceling the card. I haven´t called this number yet but I am going to as soon as I can and I am going to have them send the card to the house address in California. Then you guys can just send me the card from the house. I think that would be best. If there is a 2-day or 3-day shipping option that is faster than standard shipping and it´s not too expensive, it would be awesome if you guys could do that. Send the card to the mission office address:


Entre Rios 435

Resistencia Chaco

CP 3500


...for future reference, when you guys send anything to the mission always use this address.


Sounds cool about Sunday´s sacrament meeting! Ours also was very good. It´s cool to hear people bare testimony about the same things in a different language on the other side of the world. We definitely do need more missionaries! But on this subject, we heard the other day that there is now more than 80,000 missionaries that are in the field or will soon be entering the field since they changed the age limit, I´m not sure how accurate that is, that´s only what we heard! We will have to wait and find out next general conference. Tell dad that next transfer a missionary from New Zealand will be arriving and he will be the first missionary from New Zealand to enter our mission, so that´s pretty cool! There is a slim possibility I could train him, but we will see what happens ha-ha.



This week was good! Some interesting things happened that I am going to tell you about ha-ha. We traveled to Apostles to have our Zone Conference which was really good, probably my favorite Zone Conference yet. What happens is each month the zone leaders have a conference with President and he teaches them and explains to them what he feels we need to do as a mission for the new month, and then they have a meeting with all of us to explain what was taught. I could definitely tell that what President Di Giovanni taught was inspired, because the conference was really good and what we needed as a district at this time. It focused a lot on unity and working together in missionary work. I don´t have time to explain everything, but it was really good.


Something that was kind of crazy that happened this week ha-ha. We went to visit an in-active member and when we arrived at his house we saw him in the backyard of his neighbor’s house with is neighbors and at first we couldn´t tell what they were doing. We decided to wait for a few minutes to see if he would come out to talk to us but he and his neighbors began to take a huge pig out of a pen to kill it! We watched from a distance as 3 grown men wrestled a pig down and murdered it Argentina style ha-ha. I won´t explain what they did because it was pretty crazy but it was definitely an eye-opener ha-ha. Thought I would share that with you guys!


Other interesting news! I´m skinner! Walking miles and miles up and down huge hills in the scorching sun has caused me to lose a little weight. No worries though, totally healthy, I just look like I did back when I was wrestling ha-ha.


Other than that nothing too crazy is going on. The entire zone in stuck in a drought right now. We had a ton of success in January and now were all searching for people for February! Elder Bowhill and I have some people that have potential to progress and we have a few baptismal dates set for the 23rd with a few people, so we will see how the next few weeks go! It´s difficult because our area is basically the Salt Lake City of the Iglesias Assemblée De Dios, a church that is really popular here in Argentina. We´re not sure exactly, but we think this church teaches their members anti-LDS doctrine and to completely ignore the missionaries. It´s really a miracle that we had these last few baptisms here because they were the first baptisms in a little less than a year. So pray for the zone, because right now were all working like crazy to have a good transfer!


I haven´t received the packages yet! Elder Scott, or Zone Leader, told us that the new elders that recently started working in the office don´t really know what they´re doing exactly yet and that he thinks that´s the problem. He worked in the office for 7 months so I am going to take his word for it. He also said that a lot of other elders are still waiting to receive their packages for Christmas, so I am sure they are just waiting to be picked in Chaco to be shipped out to us. Tell Chelsea I received he Happy New Card though! Was happy to get that!


Bueno, voy a terminar esta mensaje ahora! Sabe que todo esta bien con nosotros aquí! Estamos trabajando duro para continuar con el éxito! Mi Castellano es mucho mejor ahora y estoy disfrutando la misión muchísimo. Yo espero que todo esta bien con la familia y que tienen una buena semana! Practican su Español porque un Lunes voy a escribir mi carta solamente in Castellano! Te amo mucho y voy a escribir mas la próxima semana! :)


Elder Deniston!

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