Monday, February 18, 2013



Received Devin’s email! I don´t think guacamole mix exists here ha-ha, so I will have to make due and find another way to make some good guacamole mix.

Cool that you guys got a tree for Avocados! I hope it grows ha-ha. There is literally a ton here! But the thing is the avocados are gigantic ha-ha. It´s pretty awesome because you get a ton more avocado, I have been eating avocado with basically everything this past couple weeks, so I have definitely been pretty content with that.

Sounds like McKenzie’s farewell was good! Tell her I say congratulations again and that I hope everything goes well with her! Cool about the other kid in the ward too, I have a friend from the singles ward that is serving in the same mission. We are definitely be going to see a lot more missionaries this year. I can´t remember if I told you guys or not but our mission is going to receive 40 new missionaries this next transfer and I have heard that they are going to be re-opening some areas that have been closed in the past. So we are definitely excited about that!

Pretty crazy about Ricky! I hope all works out with that. I continue to pray for them and the rest of the family. I am also waiting to hear the news about what happens with dad, so keep me updated with that! Tell everyone in the ward that I say hi and that I hope all is well with them.

This week was pretty good. Nothing to crazy happened, just another normal week with a lot of work! We did have divisions with the zone leaders though, and that went well. I got to work Elder Scott, and his grandfather’s brother is the Apostle Elder Scott! So I thought that was something cool that I would share with you guys. I always like when the Zone Leaders come and do divisions in our areas. It´s always a good time, we get more good work done and I learn a lot from them. So that was something cool that happened this week.

Right now Elder Bowhill is in Resistencia with the Zone Leaders because President Haymen called a meeting with all of the leaders. He had to travel to Apostles to meet up with them and then they left together to Chaco. I had to spend yesterday and today with Elder Rushton and Elder Burke (the other elders in Oberà) and tomorrow we have a meeting in Apostoles to learn what President Haymen taught the zone and district leaders today. So tomorrow we will be traveling a lot! But good news is that I finally should be receiving my packets you guys sent. So I am excited about that! Actually we just received a call from the ZL´s and they said they have the packages! So I will be receiving them tomorrow!

Other than that there really isn´t anything too crazy to share! Just walking and working and teaching a ton ha-ha. We have some people that are progressing well and we found some new people this last week that I think have a lot of potential to progress, so I will keep you guys updated with that in the future.

I received an e-mail from Tanner today ha-ha. He excited and sad at the same time to be leaving the mission ha-ha. I don´t know his return date but I think sometime in March, so I am sure the Holmes family is excited for that!

Alright, sorry this letter is a little short but I am going to wrap this up and try to get some photos over! Love you all and hope you have a great week! Know I am keeping you guys in my prayers and working hard each day! Look forward to hearing from everyone next week!


Elder Deniston.



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