Friday, March 8, 2013

February 25, 2013


Como estamos? I don´t think I will have time to send some photos over today because I want to explain all the new info with you guys!

First about the new mission! They will be splitting the mission in July and it is going to be the Argentina, Posadas mission. It is going to include all of Misiones and the city's in Corrientes that are close to Misiones. So this means my old area Ituzaingò will be a part of the new mission. The new mission is also going to include two area´s in Paraguay. I have no idea how they are going to have that work because that means some missionaries will have to have two different visas. We don´t really know to much right now, so I will let you guys know more in the future! The Resistencia mission is still going to be the same, just without the Misiones providence.

Other big news, we are going to have a mission conference March 5th with the entire mission! So I am excited about that. I am sure then they are going to tell us all the information about what they are going to be doing with the new mission and how it will effect us. So after next week I will have more information for you guys. I am pretty dang excited though because I will get to see my entire original MTC district before they leave. This next transfer will be their last transfer and I was thinking that I was never going to get to see all of them, but now I will! So that will be pretty cool. I also get to Elder Gallardo for the first time in the mission and Elder Child again. So I am stoked for that! Usually they have a general authority come when they have a mission conference with the entire mission, we haven´t heard anything about anyone coming but we are hoping someone does! If we hear something else I will let you guys know.

That´s pretty much the most exciting news right now! I will know a lot more in the next few weeks, so I will keep you guys updated.

Other then that we are still working hard! We found a lot of good new investigators and I am pretty sure that March is going to be a successful month. We having a few people progressing well and we are going to see if they meet their baptismal dates! I will keep you guys updated with them as well.

Kind of scary news news is that this week is transfers! I honestly have no idea if we are going to see changes. It´s possible that Elder Bowhill or I could leave but I honestly no idea what is going to happen! I have learned to expect the un-expected in the mission haha, so if I have a new companion or a new area this week I will make sure to let you guys know next Monday!

Glad to hear everyone is good at home! Crazy about Tanner. Tell him he needs to write me when he gets home because I don't have his personal e-mail address, only his mission e-mail. Bummer about the visa issue with Austin. But glad to hear he is doing well. Tell the freeman´s I say hi in return and that I hope everything is great with them! Also good to hear that Evans farewell went well. How many missionaries are serving right now in our ward? Let me know.

Oh also! I finally did recieve the package. I, as well Elder Bowhill, Elder Burke, and Elder Rushton were excited they came. We all have been chowin´ down on all the candy this last week and it has been nice to have a little flavor from the States. Elder Bowhill loves all the candy from the U.S. and is always trying to trade some of his food and stuff he has for a snickers or reeses haha. So he told me to tell you guys thanks! I was going to anyways but he wanted me to say thanks on his behalf also haha.

Also, I have to wrap this one up now. Sorry I wasn´t able to send some photos over! I will get some over to you guys next week! Love you all and keeping everyone in my prayers!

Elder Deniston. :)

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