Friday, April 19, 2013

April 15, 2013

Sounds like all is normal at home!
A lot of unexpected and crazy things happened this week so I am going to spend my time telling you all the new news!
I was transfered to Guiraldes, Resistenica! It's part of the city of Resistenica and is a really cool area. I had a feeling before I started the mission that I would end up sometime in this city, so I'm really excited to be here. The interesting thing is that my "mission family" has a lot of history here. Elder McGarry, my trainer, first trained Elder Stout here more then a year ago. So my "dad" and my "brother" in the mission have both served here before me haha. That's pretty cool and thought I would share that.
I was first kind of upset to leave San Martin because we had just finished the marriage of Luis and Graciela and were preparing for the baptism Saturday, but had to leave Wednesday morning! I heard from the other zone leaders though that all went well with her baptism Saturday! So that's good news.
When I arrived here and got to know the area a little bit more and meet all of our investigators I got pretty happy and excited to be here. I'm finally in a ward! That's really a big blessing after being in branches for almost a year. The ward here is really strong and there a lot of faithful members and we have a really good bishop, so I am also excited about that. This area has also been knowing to have a lot of baptism's and we have a good number of people that are preparing for baptism in April and May! So that also is good news.
Our apartment is an old police station. I always remember Dad saying he had some cool apartments above records stores and what not, so I thought I'd tell you guys about this one. It still has a "Policia de Chaco" logo on the wall outside. It has two stories and the second story is a loft with really small windows and wooden panels as the floor. I personally think the upstairs was an old jail, because it kind of has that feel. I'll ask the owner if he knows an history about the place and let you guys know.
My new companion is Elder McMurray! Another "Mc" Elder haha. He's a really cool elder and I've already gotten along really well with him. This is his last transfer in the mission which means I will only be with him for a short period of time until he finishes. Good news is he's still working really hard and I can tell he's not going to be one of the elders that die's out his last month or so of the mission. He still has a desire to work hard and I am pretty sure we will be having success this transfer. He's from Virginia, wrestled in high school, and he studied at BYUI the same time I was there. So there's plenty of things we have in common. In my opinion we have the same teaching style and work well together. So I'm pretty happy to have him as a companion.
That's pretty much the big news for now! New area, new companion, new ward, new investigators, new everything. I was pretty bummed when I left San Martin because we were teaching a good amount of people that were close to baptism and I had grown to have a really good relationship with all the members, but when I arrived here I was really happy because there is a lot of potential here and the Church is a lot stronger.
I am going to wrap this up and try to get some photos over to you guys! Hope all is well at home. Love you all and have a wonderful week! :)
Elder Deniston.

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