Monday, April 15, 2013

April 3, 2013

Hola familia!

Sounds like things are pretty normal at home! Sounds like all is well with the ward and calling and what not. I am sure you will see some new faces and families in the following months and the ward will begin to grow to what it was.

Dad, pretty cool that you ran into the missionaries. I will be on the lookout for elder Calliston. Maybe I`ll end up training him or be in the same zone or district or something. Would definitely be cool. I will let you guys know. I do think they are using the new curriculum here for the youth but starting with the stronger wards with more youth. But I`m not completely sure. Right now we aren`t using it in the branch I know that, but maybe in Resistencia and Posadas and the cities where the church is really strong.

Also, I hope you still have been keeping up the painting because I want you to paint some photos or Argentina for me! I`ve been seeing a lot of really cool painting lately and I can`t buy one because there too big and fragile to put in my suitcase. Plus it would be a lot cooler if you did them! Let me know if you`re up to it! Maybe I can send a photo or two over that you can use or give you some ideas. Let me know!

Bueno, now for the news! This week was pretty good. A lot of the Argentines take the Semana Santa really seriously and use it as a time to reflect more on Christ, others use it as week to eat, drink, drink some more, and be merry, so it was pretty interesting. Friday the city was literally a ghost town, there was nobody in the streets, more empty then the siesta. Everyone has the day off and they all stay home with their families or travel. It was pretty strange.

We had a lot of investigators at church this week and a lot of them have baptismal dates and preparing for baptism. Graciela will be able to finish everything for their marriage this week when the Semana Santa ends and she and Luis are really excited for the wedding and she is excited for her baptism, so all is well there. Just have to wrap everything up with marriage.

Enzo is still coming to church and doing everything he needs to do to prepare for his baptism, so he is still progressing well. We have started to talk more with his family and have been strengthening our relationship with them. We feel that when they understand more about what we teach and more about what Enzo is learning and feel the Spirit, they will give permission for his baptism. We actually had lunch with them today and it went really well. So I feel we will see his baptism soon, hopefully in April. We just need to work with his parents a little more. They said they want to come to General Conference this weekend, and I`m sure that will help a ton. We`re focusing on getting permission for Enzo first and starting to teach his family as well.

We found a new family this last week and one of the girls came and visited yesterday. The youth helped us out and talked with her and made her feel welcome so I was really grateful for that. We are going to be passing by this week to teach them, I want to see the entire family at church! That`s are goal and I feel really good about them, so we will see what happens!

The most exciting news of the week is that Presidente Fernandez came with his counselors from Resistencia and called a new Branch President! and they happen to call exactly who I was hoping they would call. We now have Presidente Sandoval and his counselor Hermano Martinez. Both the returned missionaries that just got back from Brazil. Their young, 22 or 23 years old I believe, but I really feel like they are going to help the branch grow a ton and they are what the branch needs right now. We have a really good relationship with both of them and they are excited to work with us to grow the branch. So I`m excited for that!

We are really excited for General Conference this weekend and Elder White and I made some really fancy invitations to give out to everyone. Elder White is a computer geek and good with all things computers haha, so we made some really nice invitations. We`re hoping to have a lot of investigators go and watch and listen because hearing the Prophet and Apostles always help with the conversion process. General Conference on the mission is always a lot cooler then it is at home. I don`t know, its like a little kid knowing that he`s going to Disneyland for the weekend and is really excited throughout the week. That was the best metaphor I could think of to describe it. But we`re excited, and doing all we can to get as many people as possible to go.

Bueno, I have to wrap this up no! Don't have time to send over photos this week, but I didn`t really take any this week. I know mom said she wants to see photos of the branch and members and what not. So I will snap some this week and make sure to send them over next Monday!

....thanks for the NBA statistics, let me know what's happening with the playoffs! Lakers didn`t go? Clippers killin` it? Update me!

Tenga una buena semana!

Elder Deniston.

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