Monday, April 15, 2013

March 11, 2013

Craziness about the ward! I´m not to surprised though because that has been the big rumor since I was a deacon. Bummed that Bishop Hughes was released! But he luckily he is still in our ward. I think it´s awesome they called Brother Aaragon as Bishop though. Is it the Brother Aaragon I know? That taught my sunday school class a few years back? Because if I remember correctly his brother was in out ward also. But maybe not and I´m just going crazy. Let me know!

Cool that Brother Piscitello is bishop with DeCocq  and Johnson. I can see those three working well together and I am sure they will be an awesome bishopric, although it will be weird to return home from the mission and not see them and my other horsethief people. Did dad get a new calling in our ward or still with the Elders Quorum? Keep me updated with everything.

Wasn´t to thrilled to hear about what happened with Tanner! Let me know if all is well with him and tell him to me an email please. I want to hear from him.

Bueno, news from me! Still loving San Martin. There is still a ton of stuff to do and work to get done but my love for the members and my desire to help and grow the branch is still growing, especially after this week. I´ve never seen so many youth that want to help with the growth of their branch. We worked a lot with the youth this last week and got to know them a lot more and they all want to help out with the missionary work! Supposedly the branch was really strong years ago but kind of halted in it´s progression due to people not fulfilling their callings and the missionaries being disobedient. But I really feel like things are starting to turn around! We have two returned missionary that just got back from Brazil, youth (some preparing for missions) that are starting to re-activate their inactive families and are doing weekly visits to other families and youth in the branch that also aren´t currently active, Elder White and I have progressing investigators that have baptismal dates for the next few weekends, and next Sunday President Fernandez, the stake president of the Resistencia Stake, is going to come to call a new branch president. Despite only having a handful of active members, there is a lot of positive and spiritual energy in the branch right now. I really feel like the Lord is beginning to hasten his work in San Martin. So we are just going to keep working and keep pumping ore excitement into the branch.

The mission conference was probably my favorite experience so far on the mission and gave a lot of elders, including me, an extra push to be a better missionary. Hermana Haymen gave a talk, which was more of a run down about what happened between the time she had her stroke and now and her recovery process. She basically explained all of the miraculous stuff that happened, including a blessing from David A. Bednar that happened to be giving youth firesides throughout Argentina the time of the stroke, and how nothing is coincidence with the Lord. The counselors of President Haymen shared their testimonies about the growth of the church here in Argentina which was more of a "thank you" to the missionaries because they have lived here their entire lives and have seen first hand the growth of The Church. So that was really good! But my favorite talk was President Haymen´s talk about obedience. I know without a doubt it was inspired talk and a talk I will remember forever. He centered it around the story of King David and how he had lived a life of righteousness. How he had unified the tribes of Israel together and had a government where the will of Lord was the law and how he was a man after the Lord´s heart, as the scriptures say. Although, despite living a life of righteousness he lost basically everything due to his sin with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband. He tied the story into obedience, not only as missionaries, but as members of the Church and disciples of Christ. How we should be obedient because we convented with God to be obedient to because we should we truly love Him when we are. It was similar to Elder Holland´s talk last general conference, but instead of using the story of Christ and Peter he used King David. After his talk we had one hour to ask questions, and as you can imagine with a group of 200 missionaries you are going to hear some pretty profound questions haha.

After that we had lunch and had time to talk with everyone and take photos! I saw everyone. Elder Gallardo, Child, Bowhill, my district from the MTC, and all of the elders I got to know in my old districts and zones and what not. Overall it was really good and we all left spiritually uplifted and with a desire to be a better disciple of Christ and harder working missionaries.

That´s pretty much all of the excited stuff that happened! I am going to wrap this up because I want to send photos! But I love you all and look forward to hearing from you guys next week. Keep me updated with all the craziness at home! Will write more next Monday!

Elder Deniston. :)

...Photos on the way!

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