Monday, April 15, 2013

March 25, 2013

Sounds like things are pretty normal back at home! If you feel different in the new ward because there isn't as many people, just think about the branch here in San Martin haha. You said there was 10 people in Relief Society, sometimes we only have 10 people at church! Pretty cool about dads new calling! Also cool that Dave came to teach seminary. Tell him that he needs to teach the In-N-Out lesson, he´ll understand what it is.

I will try to get an email off to Mckenzie. I´ll try to save some time to write something off to her. Has she entered the field yet? Or still in the MTC? If she´s still in the MTC it´s normal for some missionaries and sisters to feel that way. She´ll get used to it and be fine.

Keep me updated about the information with dads work! I want to hear the news.

Pretty crazy about Ricky! I´m sure that will be a cool experience and gives you sometime to hangout with Chelsea and Otto. I´m sure that will be a fun time. I want to see some pictures when he goes.

The show you watched about the missionaries we watch her in the missionary field haha. It´s called "The District" here, I don't know if it had a different name on television. But every missionary that is being trained will watch those videos. The church originally made them for the missionary's, but I guess they are showing to all of them. Sometimes I don´t like to watch them because it makes me think about San Diego and California haha. But they are really good and they show how the mission is. Bueno, it shows how the mission is in the States haha. It´s a lot different here haha.

Alright, now news from me! I´m kind of frustrated right now because we worked extremely hard the past few weeks and we are suppose to be having two baptisms this weekend but now we have to wait a little longer. We´ve been working with our investigator Graciela to help her do everything we have to do for her marriage and like I said last week it has been a headache. We have been planning all month to have her baptism this weekend but now have to wait a little longer because the Rigistro Civil (place where you do marriages) will be closed for La Semana Santa (The Holy Week) from this coming Thursday until the next Wednesday and won´t give her a date to the marriage after the holiday. So I´m kind of upset about that. We´re still going to have the baptism! We just have to wait a little longer.

With our other investigator Enzo, his parents won´t give her permission to get baptized. He´s 17 and his parents say that he needs to wait until 18 when he an adult and independent. I was really upset when she told us that because we´ve been working a lot with him and he really wants to get baptized now, but we can´t do anything if we don´t have permission from them. But, we still have a few plans and ideas to see the baptism soon and we are going to continue working with him. I personally feel we will his baptism sooner. He just needs to show his parents that he has a testimony of the Gospel and that he really wants to get baptized. The good thing is his parents really like us and love to talk with us. So I think if we just continue to work a little bit more with them we can get permission. Pray that all goes well with this! Because I see a future missionary is Enzo.

Other then that things are good. Just a little bummed because we were suppose to be having two baptisms this Saturday and now were not. But we´re going to keep our heads up and keep working! Another good thing is that this week Elder White and I found a ton of new investigators that have a lot of potential to progress. The other good thing is that they are complete families! So this is exciting news. I feel really good about them and am hoping we will be seeing a lot of baptisms in April.

That´s pretty much the most exciting news for now. I´m going to wrap this up and try to get some photos over to you guys and a short email off to McKenzie! Have a great week and I will more from you guys next week. Oh also, remember to get your emails off Sunday night! Gracias! Te amo mucho y voy a escribir mas la prosima semana! Feliz Semana Santa!

Elder Deniston. :)

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