Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pictures - April 22, 2013

Elder McMurray and I. We snapped this right before writing today. Elder McMurray thought it was a serious face photo. Thats why he isn´t smiling

 This is really cool. Elder Stout (my mission brother) did this when he was here in the area last year.
There is a group in Resistencia that goes around the city and writes huge poems on the walls. Some of them are pretty cool. The actual translation for this is "Your Time Is Today." which would be more in English like "Your time is now

Presidente Sandoval y hermano Ruiz-Diaz jugando ping-pong
Main plaza in Resistenica

More of our apartment. This like the outside areas. Dont worry, I cleaned up all the dirt that was there when I arrived!

Stairs to the upper-chamber! :O

The loft/old jail where we sleep. Elder McMurray has an American flag, so we put it up haha.
Marriage of Graciela and Luis! Small, with a few members from the branch. But, they are married! and now she is baptized.

Enzo and his family! I really am going to miss this kid. I hope the elders in San Martin will baptize him soon
Presidente Sandoval in San Martin. Fresh off the mission!

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