Monday, May 6, 2013

April 22, 2013

Craziness about Chelsea and Ricky moving and Nathan getting relocated! That’s pretty cool news. Where do Chelsea and Ricky think they are going to move too? Any ideas? I`m sure you guys are excited for that because I know how much you like to go around and look at model houses. Keep me updated on what happens!

...I´m glad Chelsea and Ricky are moving because now Otto won’t grow up to be a Rock.

Pretty exciting news about dad too! I hope all works out with that and he can get the route. If so I think that would be a re-location to the San Marcos/San Diego area!

Pretty exciting that Jonathan is going to Hawaii. Makes sense to me! I´m sure that will be a cool mission. How is his brother doing? I think he is in The Philippians? If I remember correctly. Correct me if I’m wrong and let me know when he finishes.

Guiraldes is part of Resistencia. The city is divided up into sections and where we are is called Guiraldes. Technically it`s Resistencia. That`s why you weren`t able to find it on Google Map.

Yesterday we have probably the best Asado that I have ever had since I`ve been here in Argentina. There is a family that lives really close to our apartment and each Sunday they spend hundreds of pesos on meat and have a gigantic asado. And we are always invited. They make their own homemade sauce, mmmmm. So good!

Things are super good with Elder McMurray and I. There are a lot of things that we have strangely have in common, even to the exact same cowlick with our hair. We were laughing about that the other day. But we are working really well and have a good number of progressing investigators, so we are pretty excited about that. We have been teaching a man the past couple weeks, everyone calls him Coco, and he is preparing for his baptism this Saturday. As of now everything is looking good and he is excited for his baptism! He has a pretty cool story. He had cancer a few years back and was on a lot of medication and what not and after a pretty long fight he was cancer free. Thought that was something cool I would share. So next week I should have some new baptism photos for you guys. We are also teaching his nephew and he also is preparing for baptism and will hopefully be baptized in the next few weeks. I will keep you guys updated on that!

This Sunday we had 90-100 members at church! I´m not going to lie it´s still really strange being in a strong ward after being in branches for a year ha-ha. It`s really nice. I´ve decided I like the hymns in Spanish a lot more than English, I think they sound really cool. Something cool that happened this week was that we found a lady Saturday night and taught her, and she came to church Sunday! First time that that has ever happened to me or to Elder McMurray. So that was pretty cool and now we are teaching her too, so we will see if she progresses. Oh, we also had interviews with president this week! First time in forever since we have had interviews so I was pretty happy to have them. The interview went really well and our zone also ate lunch with him and sister Haymen. Was pretty cool because he shared a lot of stories from his mission and some of the cool things he did. He shared a really cool story about how he opened up a city that at the time was the most highly-populated Catholic city in Argentina; I believe it was, if I remember correctly. But it`s cool because now there is really large chapel with a good amount of members. So he was pretty happy to open the area. Thought that was cool. Chau. :) Elder Deniston

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