Monday, May 6, 2013

April 29, 2013

¿Como andamos? Espero que bien! Super loco que Otto tiene 1 ano! Feliz Cumpleanos Otto! Espero que disfrutaran la fiesta y que estén disfrutando el clima en California! Está lloviendo mucho acá.
We had a really good week because we had a baptism! Woohooo! That's really the only exciting thing that happened this week. Saturday we had the baptismal service of Cornelio Gomez and it was a really good baptism service. It`s been cool to see his progression. When he started listening to the lessons he was kind of hesitant about listening to us but after a few charlas, a Sunday or two at church, getting to know the awesome members here in Guiraldes, and feeling the Spirit, baptism was the only thing he wanted to do! He is now preparing to get the priesthood and to go to the temple to do baptisms. The ward here in Guiraldes is taking a temple trip the end of May to Asuncion, Paraguay (the closest temple, about 5 hours from Resistencia) and we are in the process of teaching him and Elder McMurrays other converts here about the temple so they will get excited to go. Each person that wants to go has to pay 150 pesos to go. They all throw some money in to make the trip. So were preparing them now! I heard a statistic that about 90% of recent-converts stay active if they go to the temple within the first six months after their baptism. Not sure how correct it is, but we`re still doing everything we can to help them go.
Other then that nothing to exciting happened! Just working a ton. Found some new people that we are teaching that have some good potential to progress. So I will keep you guys updated on them. We should be having some more baptisms within the next couple weeks. So that is exciting!
Elder McMurray and I have been running each morning! He ran cross-country in high school and wants to get back into shape before he heads home. He only has a few weeks and is still working really good, so I am pretty grateful about that. We will see how the next few weeks ago. He is really excited because his dad, mom, and one of his brothers are coming to visit in the mission before he heads home. He`s excited because they are going to visit his old area`s and converts and visit some of the tourist sites in the mission and in Misiones. He`s getting excited for everything but is still working hard. So all is good here in Guiraldes!
It`s raining like crazy here. Last night there was a huge storm. Lightening, thunder, rain...everything. Woke me up a few times!
When we finishing writing today we are going to go to Wal-Mart! Ahh yeah! There is 2 Wal-Mart in the entire mission and one of them is here in Resistencia and we got permission to leave are area to go. May sound like something normal to do, but things like this are exciting for a missionary. I`ll make sure to take some photos!
Alright, going to wrap this one up and get some pictures over to you guys! Glad to hear all is well at home. Love you all and everyone is always in my prayers! Will write more next week. :)
Elder Deniston.

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