Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 13, 2013

Bummed the phone cut last night! Pero esta bien, vamos a usar skype caundo hablamos por la navidad!
Sounds like Mother´s Day was a good time at home. Random fact, Argentina doesn`t celebrate Mother`s Day in May, it was just a normal day here. It`s weird because the majority of the other countries in South America celebrate it the same day we do. But it was cool to talk with everyone! Sounds like Devin got hooked up for Mother`s Day. I`ll have to pick up paddle-boarding when I get home. Hit the beach for a few days to get ride of the nice missionary tan lines I`ll have when I get back haha. The Train concert should be a good time too. I took a few of your old Train CD`s awhile back. Not quite sure where they are now but if you look around for them you´ll find them. I think Chelsea might have them actually.
Everyone sounds good! The only one who sounded a little different was Miles, sounds a little bit older! But I liked my conversation with him haha.
Me: Miles! What`s up?
Miles: Nothinnn´.
Me: What are you guys doing for Mother`s Day? Just hanging out?
Miles: Yeah.
Me: Getting along with your brother?!
Miles: No.
Me: Getting along with your sister?!
Miles: No.
That was all. Was pretty funny and it made me laugh! Was happy to talk with all the kids!
We did have a baptism last Saturday which went really well. Javier Gomez got baptized. Javier is the nephew of Cornelio that we baptized a couple weeks ago. He actually moved to Resistencia like a few days before I showed up here in Resistencia. Right now he`s living with his uncle and studying and working. He`s 20 and now he`s a member of the Church. It actually was really cool because he moved here with pretty much nothing, including no friends. So when he started going to church we was really happy to get to all the young men and young women in the ward and they helped a ton while he was taking the lessons.
We were kind of scared Saturday because an hour before the baptism it started pouring rain! Rain in Argentina is the worst thing that can happen if you are doing missionary work. Nobody does anything. The kids don`t want to leave and get wet or walk in the mud and get dirty so they don`t go to school. If they have the option they don`t work. Nobody want`s to answer the door and let us in because we are wet and they don't want to get the house dirty. It`s an excuse to sleep a longer siesta. They don`t like to use their cars or motorcycles because they will get really dirty in the streets. Excluding the really strong members, nobody goes to church. Not just in our Church, but all of the different churches. Last week there was a 100-110 members at our chapel, this week there was 40ish. Just to give you guy an idea. It`s just culture here.
So we were kind of scarred nobody was going to show up, but luckily we still had a good turn out and the baptism went really well. The only bad thing that happened is that my battery on my camera died rght before we took photos so I don`t have any. A member was there and took photos with his camera that he is going to send us. So I will have to send those over to you guys later. He should send me them this week so I should have them over to you guys next Monday.  But overall the baptism was really good and yesterday Javier was confirmed and he as well as Coco received the Aaronic priesthood. So that was cool to see. Bishop also had them bear their first testimony in sacrament meeting! Which if you can imagine as a new member would be kind of scary, but they did awesome and the members are all befriending them. So all is well there.
Other then that the only exciting thing that happened was the Mormon Helping Hands project we had Saturday morning. I was bummed because I`ve been keeping my eye for one of the yellow Mormon Helping Hands shirts in Spanish but the church doesn`t make them anymore! They just have little vests now. But the service project was still a good time. We picked up a ton or trash. Cleaned out parking lots and gutters, and painting the edges of the sidewalks. Our entire zone went to help out as well as a lot of the members from Guiraldes, so I spent the time working and talking with them. Was cool because it gave me some time to get to know them a little bit more. Overall was really good. I`ll send photos over!
I`ve been keeping my eye open for cool things on the floor around the city here. Things that would be cool for souvenirs. So far I`ve found magnets that the Remis`s(Taxi`s) have on their cars to show they are working. There pretty cool. They have the Taxi # and say "Municipalidad de Resistencia - Remis" really big on them. I`m pretty excited. I`ve been on a lookout for a Argentina license plate too. Hoping I come across one soon. Thought I would let you guys know!
But other then that things are really good. Studying, walking, teaching, baptizing. Keeping up the good work. But I am going to wrap this up and send some photos over to you guys. Love you all and will write more next week!
Elder Deniston.

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