Friday, May 31, 2013

May 27, 2013

Loved the photos!

Bueno, a ton of stuff happened this last week and I dont have to much time to write it all. So I apologize in advance if this e-mail is short. I probably wont have time to send photos over. I will make sure to get them over next week! 

But I received a call Tuesday night from our Zone Leaders telling me that I had to go to the mission office Wednesday morning because I would be training a new missionary! I`m training Elder Ortiz from Buenos Aireas! So far I really like him and am really grateful for the chance I have to train a missionary. Elder Ortiz is really excited to be in the mission! When President was announcing who the trainers would be for the new missionaries, he was so happy. When he called my name to be his trainer he was going around telling all the new elders "Look! I have a companion, I have a companion!" haha. 

The other news is that we got transferred! We had to white wash Saenz Pena! White wash means we both arrived together to the area. It`s been a little crazy because we have had to get make our way around the city finding the members and investigators but we`ve figured everything out pretty well. Also, the sister missionaries that were here before left us baptisms! So we had a baptism last Saturday and spent the first few days preparing for that. Luckily the members understood our situation and helped a ton!

The sisters were teaching a boy named Matias and is only 10 years old. But he was really excited to get baptized and the baptism turned out really well!  The only kind of crazy thing that happened was that during the baptism service a drunk man entered the chapel and wanted to talk with me about George Bush and the U.S. So we had to take him outside and politely ask him to leave. It was kind of crazy! 

Sorry that this e-mail is super short! I have a new program I have to follow as a trainer and I have to write President more then I usually do! But I wanted to tell you guys the big news! New companion! training! New area! Baptism! Craziness. 

Next week I will explain a little more about my new area and more about Elder Ortiz and the training process! I will also send some photos over!

Apologize for the short e-mail! I love you and will write more next week! :)

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