Saturday, August 31, 2013

July 22, 2013

Looks like everyone is still having a good time for summer! Love getting the photos from everyone. Otto looks like he enjoying the beach! Slowly taking the "rock" out of him with some good California fun haha.

Things are good here in Saenz Peña. The only thing that I`m not to happy about is that the school`s are out here for summer and that has effected the missionary work. The Perez family left for Buenos Aireas for an entire week which means we wont be able to teach at all this week and prepare them for baptism this month. We`re going to have to wait a little longer. I was kind of upset because Brother Perez never really informed us that they were leaving for vacation until right before they were leaving. We do have good news with them though, after talking well with the zone leaders and the assistants we got permission from President Haymen to travel there to teach them personally. So that is going to help there progression a lot and they should get baptized shortly after they return. The situation has been a little difficult and frustrating for me because we`ve been doing all we can to help this past few weeks, but it`s not the easiest thing to do when we can`t go and visit them. They`ve been coming to church and already have enough church attendance to get baptized, they just need to be taught from the missionary. Our zone leader`s said that the Assistants want to drive out there with us, so I think after we have a good lesson with them they`ll be excited to enter the baptismal font. The only thing is now is that we have to wait a little longer. 

Other then that our other investigatores are really good. Norma, who has already scheduled her wedding date came to church this last Sunday and is super excited for everything. We are going to talk with President Avalos, our branch president, about a celebration in the chapel for her wedding the same day of her baptism. The Chapel here in Saenz Peña is one of the nicest buildings in the city, so it would be really nice. We`ll see if it all works out. 

I`m sure it`s super hot back home but this last week here has been cold! Argentina has cold winters but they only last for a couple weeks. So I`m hoping the cold passes soon, because it`s been pretty chilly here.  

This week I did divisions with Elder Kinneard from Canada! I chose a good day to do divisions to because we landed to large, back-to-back dinners. They had two Family Night`s planned with some members and they both cooked us some really good food haha. It was pretty funny because Elder Kinneard didn`t know they were going to make us dinner, so we ate a lot at the first Family Night and then went to the next one and entered the house to a table full of food for us haha. Needless to say, I was pretty full by the end of the night. 

This last week we did a fast a mission because with two weeks into the month we were pretty far from our baptismal goal as a mission. We usually always complete it, or come close to completing it, but the zone leaders gave us a call to tell us we were doing a mission wide fast to complete the goal for July. We`ll see how it went at the end of the month. As for now keep all of our investigadores in your prayers so that they can get baptized. 

Other then that the week was pretty normal! Just working a ton and keeping my head up. The month hasn`t gone as I planned it but we just have to keep pushing along and keep working. We`ve been working hard, so I know we will see the blessings soon enough. 

Bueno, voy a terminar esta carta y tratar a mandar algunas fotos. Les quiero mucho y voy a escribir mas la semana que viene! Chau! :)

Elder Deniston.

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