Saturday, August 31, 2013

July 29, 2013

Glad to hear everything is well at home! Happy Anniversary! 33 years and going strong. Congratulations! Funny you brought up the whole sacrament talk thing again because I had to speak last minute again this Sunday haha. I will make sure to keep grandma in my prayers. Hope all is well with her! 

Bueno, I have a lot to write and little time. So I am going to try to write this fast. A lot of stuff happened this last week. 

First, we had interviews with President Haymen last Friday. They went really well and I was happy to have an interview with him. He came here to Saenz Peña with Hermana Haymen and we had a conference with them as well as with the AP's, and then interviews. He talked alot of the need to prepare for people for an ordinance and not just an event. A lot of missionaries are focused on getting the person baptized that it`s not really important to them if they have a testimony of the gospel. They meet the requirements for baptism and baptism them, but they aren`t really converted. So he spoke about that and the AP`s also gave some good lessons. July wasn`t the most successful month for the mission so they are lightening a fire with all the missionary to help them meet there goal and work to there full potencial. It went really well. 

Second, I had my first dog attack this week haha. I`ve always heard story's of missionary that had problems with dog but I guess I`ve been lucky because I have never had any problems until now. I was walking with Elder Ortiz and out of nowhere a dog leaves his yard and bites my left leg, at the same time his owner, who happened to be drinking, leaves his yard to start talking with me and was rambling on about Germany or Europe or something, I scarred the dog away and he goes to Elder Ortiz and does the same the thing, except he only got a hold of pant leg and tore it apart, he didn`t bit him. The entire thing happened in about 5 seconds and I was furiously mad and almost punted the dog to the other side of the street, but after the dog attacked Elder Ortiz I kind of just laughed it off and we returned to the apartment to change. Because usually only one companion is attacked, not both. The dog ripped Elder Ortiz`s paint leg all the way to his knee and left a fairly large teeth mark in my leg. I`ll send a photo over. I think that maybe the man had said something to the dogs to attack us, because I`ve never had a problem with dogs before, and he had been drinking. He also was rambling on about Europe or something and a lot of the Argentines have a problem with England because of the battle they had over the Malvina`s Islands years back. I`m not sure, all I know is that I had my first dog attack in the mission this week haha. 

Other then that the week was really well. We had a lot of investigatores in church this week and they were all people that we found during the week, so we are really happy for that. The Perez family is traveling back from BA today and we will be talking with them to plan when we will be traveling out there to teach them. So as for now things are looking really good for August. We have a lot of people that are progressing well and should be getting baptized soon. So pray for all of them and that all goes well. 

Today all of the new missionary had to travel to Resistencia and all the trainers stayed here in Saenz Peña and President Haymen gave us permission to get together to have lunch together. We all chipped in some money and I made everyone tacos! They turned out really well and we had a good time. 

This week it warmed up quite a bit, today is actually fairly hot. So I`m not to happy about that. Usually this time of year here the weather is really nice. So I`m hoping we have good weather  for August.

Also, I`m in need of new slacks. I only left with a few pairs and the pairs that I have a pretty jacked up and one of them got destroyed the other night boy the dog. So it would be nice to be able to purchase some new ones. I really have no idea how much they cost but it would be a blessing if you guys could send some money for that. I would like to get at least 2, maybe 3 pairs. I also need some money for a few other things. Let me know if that is possible. Gracias!

Alright, going to wrap this up and send some photos over! I love you and will write more next week! Que tenga una buena semana. :)

Elder Deniston. 

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