Saturday, August 31, 2013

JUne 10, 2013

The week has gone by super fast! Feels like I was writing home yesterday haha. Crazy that you`re working at Sears. Did you land a job in the Kitchen/Bathroom deparment? or the garden department? I can see you working there haha. What do you have to do? When you're tired just think that you don`t have to walk miles and miles each day in the sun, like me! It`ll make you feel better.

Keep me updated on whats happening with Dad`s job. Tell Kylie I said happy late birthday! Glad Tyler went and talked with the bishop where he lives, that`s pretty cool. I keep him and the rest of the family and everything that`s going on in my prayers. 

I want a replica world series ring! Speaking or rings, who won the NBA Championships? 

This week was a good one for us here in Sàenz Peña! I had to go to Corrientes Capital this last Wednesday to renew my visa. It was a good time thought because Elder Bowhill and Elder Gallardo were there and I was able to talk with them all day. We did divisions, Elder Ortiz stayed here with one of zone leaders and I left with the other to Corrientes. We had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to catch the bus at 5:00. Wasn`t to fun! The funny thing was I forgot to change the alarm back the next day and Thursday morning Elder Ortiz and I woke up at 4:00 thinking it was 6:30 and started to do our normal routine haha. It took me about 10 minutes to realize we still had another 2 and half hours to sleep haha. Elder Ortiz was pretty mad, but what can you do? haha.

This Thursday we have to go to Resistencia. We are having a multi-zone conference and a Seventy, Elder Zeballos, will speaking to all the missionaries. I am pretty excited with for that. President Haymen said we can go prepared to ask him any question about the gospel or church. So it should be interesting!

Bueno, I will tell you guys somewhat about the training process. Now that I`m training Elder Ortix we have a new study program we follow called "the first 12 weeks". It`s a program that involves the trainer teaching the new missionary aspects that are really important in missionary work. Each week we have a specific topic, and I teach and help Elder Ortiz understand why the aspects are important and how he can apply them in situations he is going to have in the mission. It touches a lot of things that help the investigator receive answers about the gospel. For example one week we study "Revelation through prayer", another "Revelation through the Book of Mormon", another "Revelation through attending the church", another "Teach people and there needs, not just lessons", another "the role of the Spirit in conversion". Each week we have to study certain scriptures, watch the Preach My Gospel DVDs (I believe it`s the same thing that Mom said she was watching the other week on the BYU channel), and do a lot of practices to prepare for a lessons. It`s been really good because not only am I teaching, but I learn a ton at the same time. 

I`ve grown to like Sàenz Peña. To be honest the first couple weeks of the white wash were pretty difficult! But now we know the members a lot better and we`ve learned our area. The streets here are really nice because they have a grid system that makes it really easy to find houses and people. It`s like a the cities in the Utah Valley. It`s super easy to find everything. The branch here has about 60 active members, and 20 members that come every other Sunday. My first week here we had a bout 60 but the last two weeks we had about 75-80 members. Not to bad for a branch! This last Sunday the sister that had an assigned talk didn`t show up so I was asked to give a 10 minute talk with 10 minutes to prepare haha. Again! I`m pretty use to it now. I basically taught lesson 1 but with a lot of scriptures. Turned out good!

We have a few people that are progressing, so I will keep you guys updated on them!

Going to wrap this one up and get some photos over! Love you all and will write more next week. :) 


Elder Deniston. 

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