Saturday, August 31, 2013

June 24, 2013

The missionary broadcast was awesome! It was really something I`ve been needing. I loved the talks and the video segments they had with them. The way we do missionary work is changing. It`ll be interesting to see how and when the changes will effect our mission. I really liked Elder Packer`s talk. Hearing an Apostle say "I still have so very much to learn" makes you put things in perspective a bit. We have a lot to learn here, and more to learn after this life.

4-5 to months isn`t to bad! Yesterday we talked with a member that had surgery and he has been recovering for 7 months and wont be 100% until next month. So It`s not as bad as 8 months! Give him a copy of the Book of Mormon to read. He`ll have plenty of time to read and it will help him feel better. I`m keeping him in my prayers, and asking specifically for a quick and good recovery. Let him know I love him. 

Pretty crazy that Ricky is in Turkey! What do they speak in Turkey? Do they eat a lot of Turkey in Turkey? 

Super jealous that Phineas is at the house for a month, miss that dog. Everyone here loves the photo I have of him haha. 

Bueno, news from me! All is going really well here in Sàenz Peña. The most exciting news we have is with the Perez family. They recently moved to a city called "Pampas Del Infierno" with in English is "Fields of Hell" haha. Just a random fact I thought I`d tell you guys. Anyways, the members in the city meet in our building and they have come to church the last few weeks. Brother Perez and wife have been members for years but have been in-active for along time. They started going back to church when they moved. The good news is they have 5 children that are all older the 9 and they want to get baptized! They have a baptismal date scheduled for the 13th of July, so we are hoping all goes well with that. If so, next month could be my most successful month yet, because we also have others that are preparing for baptism for the end of July. We`re just hoping, praying, and fasting that all goes well and falls into place. If so, it`ll be a really big blessings for us, for our investigators, and for the branch. 

I feel really good. We are working well and seeing good results. We`ve strengthened our relationship with the members, with the ward leaders, and we have investigators coming to church. Training while doing White Wash definitely isn`t one of the easiest things to do, but I`ve seen the hand of the Lord helping us out and guiding us the last few weeks. I`m excited to see how the next few weeks play out. 

Bueno, I`m going to wrap this up and try to get some photos sent out to you guys. If I can! Sorry I haven`t gotten any over in awhile, but the computers here have been lame. I`ll try to right now! 

I love you all and hope everyone has a great week! Excited to hear from you guys next Monday. :)


Elder Deniston. 

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