Saturday, August 31, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hola Familia!

I apologize for the short e-mail last week. To make up for it I am going to get a good email to you guys this week!

I was glad to hear that everything is going good back home, and that Chelsea and Ricky are finally in California. I want to see photos of the new house. 

Bueno, first I will tell you all about Elder Ortiz. He is really excited to be here in the mission and I`m really happy I have the privlidge to train him. He`s from Buenos Aires and joined the church only 3 years ago. He comes from a family of 11! and his parents aren`t members. He served a mini mission in Buenos Aires so he already knows a lot about missionary work.

Are new area is Saenz Pena! and is in Chaco. It has been pretty crazy the past couple weeks because we arrived here together and had to find all of the investigators and members and we had no idea where they all lived. We walked around a lot this week with a map and directions to find people. 

The sisters were teaching a good number of people and we had to find them and finish teaching what they needed to know because they had bautismal dates for last couple weeks. Was nice to arrive in the aread with free baptisms but was pretty crazy preparing everything with so little time! 

Last Saturday we had another baptism! The sisters were teaching two young girls in a part-member family named Antonela and Laura. The baptism was really good! The only crazy thing was when we had to baptize Antolena. She has a problem with her feet and cant walk. She had to sit in a seat in the baptismal font, Elder Ortiz said the baptismal prayer, and a member that was also in the water had to remove the seat so Elder Ortiz could baptize her. Elder Ortiz said it was a little difficult, but she got baptized! That`s the most important thing. 

Saenz Pena is a really nice city! I`m happy it`s my area. Another cool thing is that Hermano and Hermana McCoy live in our area. They are couple missionaries and were the first people I say in the Dallas Texas airport when I left for the mission. They love talking about the first time we met in Dallas over a year ago. We actually had lunch with them and the zone leaders today and Hermana McCoy made some delicious American Style food. 

Bueno, I just realized i`m running out of time and I have to finish this e-mail. I have to President Haymen certain things now that I`m training and it takes more of my writing time. So I am going to have to plan a little better before hand what I am going to write! I don`t want to be disobedient and use more time then I should, so I have to finish the letter! 

I love you all! and I promise, promise, promise that I will get photos over next week! Have a great week and I will write more next week. :)


Elder Deniston. 

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