Tuesday, November 13, 2012


How is everyone doing? I hope good!

I don´t have too much time this week so I am going to keep this one kind of short!

We heard about the election with Romney and Obama sucks! But I have more important things to talk about right now so we can put that on the back burner ha-ha.

This week was pretty good! We had a conference in Posadas Wednesday with a member of one of the quorums or 70!
Elder Vinas spoke along with President Haymen. It was really spiritual! They mainly spoke about the Doctrine of Christ and how we can improve as missionaries through Hope, Faith, and Charity. I don´t have time to explain everything they taught, but it was really good! I also Elder Waldron, my comp from the MTC, there! So that was cool.

Other then that Elder Child and I have just been working a tonnn! We have a lot of people progressing at the moment. It is looking like we are going to have some baptisms before the end of the transfer, so that is always good news! One of the more interesting people we are teaching is Sandra and her family. Sandra is from Africa, lived in Brazil for a while, and moved here a few years ago! She has 3 girls, triplets, and they are the only black family here in Ituzaingo! Pretty cool. I will keep you updated on what happens with them! We also have a few other people progressing that should enter the waters of baptism within the next few weeks. So there should be some exciting news the next few emails.

We also heard about the storms back East. Sounds like it was pretty bad. :/ But it is glad to hear the Church was quick to respond and help out!

I am having trouble thinking of things to tell you guys! Ha-ha. This week was just another week of a lot of walking, sweating, and teaching ha-ha. Not too much going on other than the same things we are always doing ha-ha. Elder Child is cool! I don´t have a photo of him so I will have to send one next week. But is a really funny kid and we getting along well, so that is good.

Crazy to think that it is already November! Christmas is coming up! And I am already well over the 6 month mark here in Argentina! It has gone by pretty fast!

Are converts are doing well! Especially Veronica and The Gomez Pereira family, so that is good. The church is growing here in Ituzaingo and the members are happy with us and our work, so we are going to keep it up!

Sorry, I am like drawing blanks on what to talk about this week! Sorry that this letter is so short! :/ I promise that I will have more to write next week and I will get some photos off as well. Glad to hear everything is good and I will hear from you all next week. Love you all!

Elder Deniston. :)

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