Monday, February 18, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hola mi familia,


Estamos muy bien aquí in Oberà y tuvimos una semana mejor esta semana! Mucho cosas capas pasó! Entonces voy a decirles acerca de la semana ahora, pero en Ingles, porque si escribo en Castellano no van a entender nada! Pero tienen que practicar porque cuando regresamos vamos a tomar una vacación a México durante verano! ¿Bueno?...Bueno.


Alright, enough Spanish for now. This week was good! and I have some news and interesting things to tell you guys.


First, President Pawluk here in Obera is moving to Chaco this week, so they are going to call a new Branch President this week. We will find out who next Sunday, so I will make sure to let you guys now. President Pawluk is going through a ton of things right now and he and his family are having a lot of trials with their house and their family and work and moving down to Chaco would be a lot better for them. This means that President Haymen might be making a trip to Oberà. Since the branch is a part of the mission Presidente Haymen has to call the branch presidente, but we aren´t sure if he or one of his councelors are going to come, so I will make usre to let you guys know what happens!


Second, another funny and interesting experience haha. Last Saturday Elder Bowhill and I were heading over to visit one of our investigators. When we arrived at house everything was locked up and she wasn´t home at that moment, but her neighbors were having a church service outside their house haha. There was a good 30 people together and they were about to start there service, they saw us and yelled something at us telling us to come join their service with them haha. Elder Bowhill and I thought "Bueno, we can go for a 15 minutes or so and maybe they will give us the chance to share something with them." They started singing some songs with a couple men playing guitars and they were all clapping and yelling at the top of them lounges the songs. Elder Bowhill and I just listened and stayed as revent as we could haha. Afterwards they said their prayer, and in this church they all say different prayers but at the same time and they say them practically yelling. So their was 30 people or so yelling their indivisual prayers at the same time. A lot them were grateful for us and praying for us in their prayers, so it was definitely an interesting experience haha. By the time the finished praying and singing we had spent a good half hour or so their so we told the pastor that we had to leave to continue visiting people and we didn´t have a chance to share something because we had other people to visit. But it was definitely an interesting experience haha. Thought I would share it with you guys.


Bueno, now I have some good news about one of our investigators, Rosa Da Rosa! She is progressing really well and has a baptism date for the 23rd! So we are hoping that all goes well with that. She came to church this last Sunday and she is currently quiting smoking after smoking for the last 40 years or so. She started smoking when she was 14 and she´s in her 50´s now. It´s been cool to see her progress. She´s been reading the Book of Mormon along with her Bible and all the pamphlets we leave, shes been praying and she has a real desire to learn the truth. It has been cool to see her faith grow this past fews weeks and we are doing all we can to help her meet her goal for the 23rd. I will let you guys know what happens with that!


Other then that there is anything else to exciting going on haha. We have a meeting with President Haymen next week so I will let you guys know how that goes, but I don´t think we have until the 18th or 19th. I am going to wrap this up and try to get some photos over! Love you all and will write more next week.


Elder Deniston. :)

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