Monday, December 3, 2012

November 26, 2012

Crazy to hear about the heat at home! The heat has just been increasing and increasing here also, but I guess that’s what to expect when you live in this kind of climate. It’s literally a rain forest here. I have gotten used to working in the heat and humidity though, so now it’s just a normal thing.
Glad to hear Thanksgiving was a good time! Elder Child and I celebrated by talking about all of the wonderful food we would be eating if we were home ha-ha. Holidays definitely are not as fun on the mission! But no worries, that’s just the way things are on the mission ha-ha. 
Sounds good about the package! I don’t know if you guys know but I am able to receive 4 large boxes while I am here. So basically 1 every 6 months. This doesn’t include large envelopes. So if you guys want to you can use the large plastic envelopes to send whatever you want. Just thought I would let you guys know.
Things are good here in Ituzaingò! The branch has basically adopted me as a member since I have been here for so long ha-ha. The city is starting to get busier. Slowly more and more tourists and vacationers have started to role in as it has gotten hotter. It’s really a pretty cool town that has a lot of stuff going on. It has a relaxed California vibe to me, so I am glad that it has been my first area. If I come back to visit at all after the mission I will definitely make sure to stop by here.
Elder Child and I are good! Still just working like crazy. We won an award this last week in zone meetings for the lessons in one week! So we are staying busy ha-ha. I don’t have too much big news about our investigators, but I will make sure to update you guys when I do. As of right now everyone is just slowly progressing, so we are hoping to have some more baptisms before the end of the transfer. I will let keep you guys updated!
Right now we are actually on divisions! Elder Child is in Posades with our district leader Elder Ruiz and Elder Rogers is with me here in Ituzaingò for a couple days. Elder Rogers is from California and was up at BYU-I the same time I was, so we get along really well. He knows some of the same people I know and has visited a lot of the places I have visited in California and Utah and Idaho and what not. So yeah, we get along well!
I know I promised pictures last week but once again the Cyber where we can send photos is closed! So they are going to have to wait another week. Sorry.
Well, we are running short on email time so I am going to wrap this up. Let me know how things are going up North! Love you all and will write more next week. :)
Elder Deniston.


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