Monday, August 27, 2012

August 21, 2012


Sorry about not writing yesterday. It was a holiday so we had to work!

Glad to hear from you though! Try to write Sunday night if you can, because sometimes we stop by and print out our emails Monday to read before we write. So if you guys could do that it would be awesome!

Sounds pretty crazy about the kids at that baptism, pretty funny though ha-ha. That church was pretty cool looking. They have a lot of really interesting churches here in Argentina. Actually, one of the largest Catholic churches outside of Rome is only like 50 miles from here. I can not remember what city it is in but I have heard its a pretty cool looking church, but that also its a hard area to work in.

This last week did not go as planned, so we were kind of bummed! We have been working with an investigator named Martin and he has been progressing really well and he loves the church and has been coming to church for longer than a month now. The only problems is that he is younger than 18 and his mother won't give him permission to be baptized. She is extremely Catholic. We were teaching him at a members home and while we were teaching him he had informed us that he was good for baptism, so we went to his mothers to talk to her about it and she told us that he had not spoken with her about anything. She did not even know he was taking the lessons. We have been talking with her lately and she has listened to us more so we hope to have her permission soon. We were suppose to have his baptism last Saturday, but we had to postpone it. Pretty lame, but I will update you guys on that when we find out more.

This next week I am going to Posades for divisions again! So I will be three for a few days. I decided I am not a big fan of divisions. But, I have to go. So I will make the best of it. Next week we have Zone Conference! So that will be cool.

I heard from Elder Gallardo! He is in Corrientes Capital and is loving it. Good to hear from him. Also, Elder Peterson, one of the elders in my district, was transferred last transfer and his new comp is Elder Waldron, my comp from the MTC. I thought that was kind of cool.

Other than that not to much going on! We played baseball today for P-day ha-ha. It was a good time. We played with a broom stick and tennis ball haha. They don't have baseball stuff down here so we have to improvise. It was a good time.

We had some crazy rain and thunder and lightening storms last week. We worked in the rain for a good 3 days straight. Not to much fun ha-ha. The thunder here is crazy! It literally shakes the entire apartment. Feels like a small earthquake.

Anyways, things are good. Just hoping everything works out well with Martin. We have some other investigators progressing also that we hope will be baptized before the end of this transfer. So pray that goes well!

Spanish is still slowly improving ha-ha. One of these days I am going to end up with a Latino and I know my world is going to be turned upside down! ha-ha. I am sure it will help a ton so I am actually looking forward to it!

Alright, well I will wrap this one up. I love you all and I hope everything is good at home. Keeping everyone in my prayers. Have a great week and I will hear from you guys next Monday!

Chow Chow,Elder Deniston :)

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