Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July 30, 2012

Man, I am pretty upset to hear about Pres. Dix. He was an awesome Stake President. Luckily we know the Plan of Salvation. I will keep the Dix family in my prayers.

Chelsea told me about you going to visit her. I'm sure that will be tons of fun! Chelsea sent me some pictures of Otto, that kid is a stud! Let me know how Wyoming goes!

This week we had a baptism! We started teaching a inactive member named Vilma Lopez. In a nut shell we reactivated her and she wanted her daughter Sabrina to be baptized. Sabrina was really excited to be baptized and she was confirmed yesterday! Pretty awesome stuff.

Hermano Ojeda, the man I told you about last week, he came to church again and brought his family! So, we are hoping for the best with them. He has told us he wants to get active in the church again and have his children baptized, so we are going to do everything we can to work with them and make that happen.

So Elder McGarry was laughing because so far there in Ituzaingo all of our baptisms have been children! Which is good, because they can grow and learn and strengthen their testimony, but we made a goal to start teaching more men who can hold the priesthood and also to start teaching complete families. So pray that that will go well.

Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday morning I was in Posades on divisions with Elder Peterson. That was pretty cool, although I do like Ituzaingo better than the area of Posades I was in. It was cool to see how Elder Peterson does things and he taught a couple study habits I am going to start using. Posades is red! ha-ha. The dirt and soil there is red, it reminded me of Saint George ha-ha. Good times.

Other than that stuff this week wasn't to exciting, just keeping up the hard work.

Elder McGarry has a cold. I am kind of scared I am going to get it since I am with him all the time, but hopefully i won't.

Elder McGarry only has two and half months here. I am scared he is going to start getting Trunky (missionary term for homesick) and slowly stop working, which sometimes happens to Elders. They just loose motivation and kind of die off and don't work. So far he has been good, but he has started to talk about home a lot! ha-ha. So we will see in the future.

Everyone here is talking about the Olympics! It was pretty funny, the other night Hermano Godoy in the ward was telling us something about them and he sarcastically says, "Yeah people here in Argentina love the Olympics because we usually always win all the gold medals!" and he just looked over at us and smiled ha-ha.

Well other than that things are good! Keeping up the hard work.

I love you all and hope all is well! Keep the blog looking good!

Hear from you guys next week! ;)

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