Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hope you guys got the photos!

We had a very good week! We worked a ton and have had the best week since we have been here!

Most exciting news. We have a baptism on Friday! We had to change it to Friday because there is some meeting in Posades on Saturday and we want as many members to come out for the baptism. We are baptizing Sabrina Lopez. her mother is a member but has been inactive for the past couple years. We started teaching them about a month ago and she and her daughters have loved the lessons and have started coming back to church. Her mother told us she wanted to have Sabrina baptized. Sabrina is very excited and loves coming to church and primary. She is 10 years old I believe. It will be a great experience and I'll make sure to send pictures.

Another awesome thing that happened this week. We were on our way to a lesson and we passed by a house we tracked a couple weeks ago that we were not able to get into. I remembered the house so I stopped to track it one more time. This lady came out and told us she did not really have an interest but that we should go talk to her brother who lives across the street from her house, so we did. Turns out this guy was one of the first members here in ituzaingo! He had been inactive for almost a decade. He started talking to us and told us the story about his conversion and how he was so happy when he joined the church. For some reason or another had gone inactive. He also told us about his love for motorcycles, he had like 5 of them haha. He told us about an accident he had gotten into. He said he was driving on the freeway going well over a 100 MPH and fell and crashed. He explained that as he was falling it was as if he was hovering over the ground for enough time that when he fell no serious damage happened. He said he wasn't wearing a helmet and went home with some bruises. He said that the doctors were amazed because he should of died. He explained to us that he looked on it as a miracle. He explained that he felt he lived because the Lord still had work for him to do here on Earth. He expressed his desire to return to church, so of course as missionaries, we invited him and sure enough he came! At church he saw old friends he hadn't seen in years and he said he felt the spirit that he had been missing so very much. He started crying he was so happy. He said he plans to re-activate himself and also have his family be baptized. We have a family home evening with his family tonight, so hopefully that will go well! Pretty cool to see though, and all because we felt like tracking some house.

We had a service project this last week which was really good. We went to a members house who lives in a small wooden shack home miles away from the main part of Ituzaingo. It was pretty cool. We went with some members from the ward and just helped clean up his yard and home. He was very grateful for our service and it was a good time.

Other than these things the week was normal! Just a lot of teaching and looking for new investigators.

Elder McGarry was mistaken about divisions and we actually have them this week, so I will be in Posades Tuesday and Wednesday working with Elder Peterson - I will let you know how that goes. Glad to hear things are good at home. Hope everything is good with the rest of the family! Eat lots of Carne Asada and Chipotle for me!

Anyways, I hope you received the pictures I sent. I will try to send more next week. Throw them up on the blog along with the updates. I love you all and will talk to you next week!


Elder Deniston

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